“We Are One”: Hundreds Rally to Demand Action on Climate Change

On September 20, 2019, people around the world banded together to demand action against climate change. Protestors in over 180 countries and all seven continents participated in the strike, which may have been the biggest climate demonstration to date. From the small island nation of Tonga all the way to Antarctica, students and community members walked out of their schools and places of work to send a message to world leaders: do more and do it now.

Berkeley was no different. Hundreds of people filled Sproul Plaza armed with their signs and their voices. For three hours, protestors stood in solidarity as student leaders took to the stage, leading chants and echoing Greta Thunberg’s message of urgency.

Fourth year geography and conservation student and ASUC senator Sylvia Targ led the charge with an impassioned speech on the historic steps of Sproul Hall. “Who does this movement include? Everyone—if you are alive on this planet right now. We are one. This is not supposed to be comfortable. This is a time when we come together for change.”

California stopped by to snap some photos and speak with attendees.

— Victoria Mariolle
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Total BS it’s a political issue UC should stop being so liberal showing one side
I wish that were true Paul. Unfortunately, climate change will affect all of us whether we are conservative or liberal. Try researching this with a source you trust and see what the scientists are saying and then make up your mind.
This was the hottest summer ever. Global warming is not a theory to me its a fact. We need to care for our planet. In the old days fossil fuels was the only choice now clean energy is a viable option. Solar and Wind are providing much more of our usable Energy. So we still need to conserve more even when George Bush was president he advocated conservation of use of Energy. I think Greta is right we are going to cause irreversible damage because our citizens are concerned about having as little unemployment as possible. Unfortunately there is a relationship in USA with more jobs and more energy use. managing our natural resources efficiently is a main draw back to full employment.