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Remembering ‘The Munc’

“He was like a bull, with speed,” said Ed White of his old teammate and fellow Cal alum Chuck Muncie, who died on Monday of a heart attack at age 60. The two played together at the San Diego Chargers in the early 80s, where Ed was an All-Pro offensive guard and Chuck was an All-Pro running back.

Parents of the Corn - Part 2


We contacted Professor Peggy Lemaux of the College of Natural Resources after today’s Supreme Court ruling upholding Monsanto’s seed patents, and asked her about genetically modified organisms, or GMOs.

Parents of the Corn


The Supreme Court ruling today, in which all nine judges ruled in favor of Monsanto, might be a patent case, but it is one involving a contentious topic: genetically modified (GMO) foods. It is an issue that over the years UC researchers have tried to bring some perspective to, given that it hinges as much on emotion as science.

Triple Rock of Ages

There may be truth in wine, but as most Berkeley denizens know, there is solace and inspiration in beer—to a point, anyway. And of all the local venues for malted elixirs, perhaps the most popular is Triple Rock, conveniently holding down the northwest corner of campus on Shattuck. It’s also, by the evanescent standards of university-town commercial enterprises, positively venerable, having slung its first mug of hand-wrought brew in 1985.

To Catch a Terrorist

A piece in today’s New York Times explores the possible ramifications of the Boston Marathon bombings for the professional legacy of FBI director Robert Mueller, especially in light of the fact that agents from the bureau had interviewed one of the suspects, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, in 2011.

Wild Things We Think We Love You

Americans are critter-besotted.  Dogs are surrogate children, kitten videos are almost as popular as porn on the internet, and animal-rights advocacy is de rigueur for up-and-coming (or down-and-declining) starlets hoping to establish some cred in the compassion and engagement departments. 

Woz Up

When Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple Computer) finally graduated from Berkeley in 1986, 18 years after beginning his college career in Colorado, the name on his diploma read “Rocky Clark,” taken from the first name of his dog, Rocky Raccoon, and the last name of his then-wife, Candi Clark. Wozniak’s other nicknames include “The Woz” and “The Wizard of Woz.”

Science Roundup for May 1, 2013

Today in newslets: dorm room physics debates, smiley faces and is the dismal science insufficiently dismal?

Really Cool Science

Meet two possible visitors from another galaxy, Bert and Ernie. You might have missed their respective arrivals in August 2011 and January 2012, just as, right now you’re missing their friends and distant relations, even though billions of them are passing through every square centimeter of your body every second.

Hold the Chicken Little

The news came out of China this week that a strain of bird flu known as H7N9 has broken into the human population. It’s infected 82 people, of whom 17 have died — a mortality rate of 21 percent — and is suspected of human-to-human transmission.

Science Roundup for April 25, 2013

Today’s mini-news: ten faculty members become distinguished, space tea, and exciting pictures of agriculture.

Science Roundup April 23, 2013

Today’s mini-news: The latest advances in brain science and a few lectures of note.


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