March April 2006

Can We Know Everything? Features

Can We Know Everything?

Boosters predict that search engines will organize all knowledge for everyone and uncover the secret of artificial intelligence. By Quentin Hardy Read more »

Plus: Government versus Google

The New Argonauts

In her latest book, Annalee Saxenian explores a vibrant international ethnic network of entrepreneurs in technology. By Annalee Saxenian Read more »

Mitch Kapor Loves Wikipedia

Onetime TM guru and Lotus entrepreneur has a cutting-edge mantra: Open Source. By Patrick Dillon Read more »

Plus: Open Source

Is Cyberspace Still Anti-Sovereign?

Legendary web guru reassesses his seminal 1996 “A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace” for errors of judgement. Finds redemption. As always. By John Perry Barlow Read more »

Year 4702: A Reunion Like No Other

Former residents of California’s last all-Chinese rural town gathered to celebrate its past and contemplate its uncertain future. By Jeff Gillenkirk Read more »


Super Sniffers

Tiny new electronic sensors outsmell our noses. By Carrie Ching Read more »

Mending Old Bones

New hope for victims of osteoporosis? By Meghan Laslocky Read more »

Copyrights and Wrongs

Intellectual property disputes in the digital age. By Lygia Navarro Read more »

Trick and Treat

Fooling a deadly virus could stop hepatitis C. By Marilee Enge Read more »

New Danger for Marbled Murrelet

Scarcer food could keep little bird on threatened species list. By Marilee Enge Read more »


Sufi Surprise

By Kerry Tremain Read more »

Sather Gate

Season to Believe

Women’s new basketball coach Joanne Boyle restores winning attitude. By Patrick Dillon Read more »