March April 2008

Mind Matters Features

Minding the Brain

New discoveries suggest a networked brain that loves to make and break rules, and thrives on mistakes. By Quentin Hardy Read more »

Do You Have Free Will?

An interview with philosopher John Searle. By Marilyn Berlin Snell Read more »

Mind Medicine

Can meditation produce positive molecular changes in the brain? By Katherine Ellison Read more »

Nurture into Nature

Can changes based on nutrition, toxics, or a mother’s touch be biologically inherited? By Sally Lehrman Read more »

Faking It

Second Life offers its “residents” a chance to invent a whole new life for themselves. Can it deliver? By Hubert L. Dreyfus Read more »

Plus Will Second Life survive?

Family Violence

Guatemalan novelist Sylvia Sellers-García explores the un-nameable. By Charles Burress Read more »


The Hangover Cure from Mars

Search for alien life is boon to drinkers. By Nathaneal Johnson Read more »

Elephants on the Move

Climate change and elephant hierarchies. By Kiki Namikas Read more »

Fading Away Before our Eyes

Tech-savvy girls with eating disorders are dying to be thin. By Molly Berman Read more »

Measuring Melt

Cal scientists study the Sierra snowpack. By Erik Vance Read more »

Digital Care Package

By Kiki Namikas Read more »

This is your Brain Without Sleep

By Eleanor Black Watkin Read more »


Sax Man

Jazz legend Sonny Rollins is still improvising—brilliantly. By Andrew Gilbert Read more »


China’s Alaska

Hundreds of miles west of the Great Wall, amid desert camels and canvas-covered yurts, it’s natural to wonder: “Can I really be in China?” By Mike Zielenziger Read more »

Free Speech

How to Choose a President

Forty years after the 1968 reforms, the nominating contests in both parties are more exciting and competitive. By David Karol and Jack Citrin Read more »

Sather Gate

Teen Doc

Dr. Barbara Staggers offers a different kind of medicine to inner-city kids: love. By Constance Matthiessen Read more »