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Georgia Wilcox McDaniel ’54

August 10, 2022

Usually when Georgia Wilcox McDaniel talks about UC she raves about the Daily Cal, but it occurs to her that one class has given her many, many hours of follow-up pleasure: Anthropology 1 taught by Theodore McCown. He spent a couple of weeks on Archeology and that lit a flame such as no other class had inspired. Currently she has a shelf of her bookcase devoted to various areas of archeology, including recent books by Mary Beard. While Wilcox McDaniel was raising her two boys she always had library books on the subject handy; she’s always been a bookworm (and a library volunteer until the pandemic hit). Of course, she can’t read the books she own because the type is too small, but she can get eBooks free from the public library and older books are discounted on Amazon/Kindle. You can enlarge the type to fit your needs!

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