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Craig Carpenter Downer ’72

January 26, 2023
Downer on a beach

Warm New Year greetings for 2023, everyone!  Hope you’re all doing well and progressing along your path. Craig Carpenter Downer was just very impressed with the article about the artist Joan Brown that appeared in the current issue of California. Since he has recently written a published a book that shows a similar copacetic view of life as Joan had/has, he thought he would share this with his fellow UC Berkeleyans. Please check it out at and feel free to comment. It is entitled Wonder Streams of the Soul and has over 500 pages including poems and passages many of which are illustrated with either his or other’s photos. Also, there are paintings and other type illustrations. He thinks dear Joan would appreciate the diverse messages and reconfirmation of the higher spiritual life and the great unity of all sentient beings regardless their outward forms that is convincingly expressed in his book.  

The above link is also to another recent book of his The Wild Horse Conspiracy, which champions the cause of America’s wild horses and burros. He is fighting hard to restore these beneficial and pulchritudinous returned natives to viable populations and habitats, as the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act has been recklessly undermined. But this can and must change! He has a nonprofit organization — the Andean Tapir Fund / Wild Horse and Burros Fund that is a full fledged 501 c 3. It’s two links are:

The wild horse book also has many revealing photos and illustrations and takes a very well-rounded and holistic view. Much of what he learned at UC Berkeley, especially concerning mammals, physiology, ecology, paleontology and wildlife protection and management (upper division class under Dr. A. Starker Leopold) helped him greatly.  

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