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This Campus Tour Guide Isn’t Just a Character—He’s Several Characters

October 17, 2014

Once a year, UC Berkeley alumnus Peter Van Houten continues his now-decade-long tradition of leading a campus tour while portraying some of his favorite campus figures. An avid Cal history buff who received his bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees from the university, Van Houten has always enjoyed performing and doing skits. So after recalling that Berkeley Emeritus Professor of Zoology Richard Eakin donned assorted costumes to play the roles of scientists during his classes, Van Houten was inspired to create his own revival of the past.

Tour participants encounter Berkeley luminaries such as the Rev. Samuel Willey, English professor Charles Mills Gayley and natural history professor Joseph LeConte, finishing up at the Faculty Club bar for a meeting with history professor Henry Morse Stephens. A few highlights:

Cal History Tour from kristine wong on Vimeo.

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