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Jim Yenckel

March 1, 2023

Jim Yenckel (’59) reports the fact that he and Roger Samuelsen (’58) each has sported red hair all their lives prompted an exchange of emails decades after they were sentenced in a 1957 Big Game Kangaroo Court to toss raw eggs at each other until the eggs splattered. Jim was City Editor of the Daily Cal; Roger served as Student Body President. Both were “arrested” and “jailed” in the Stephens Union Courtyard for displaying forbidden red on Blue Monday. Reminiscing recently, Jim wrote Roger asking if he recalled their duel, adding “I still have my red hair, sort of.” Roger replied, “Yes, I do remember,” adding, “I still have my red hair too, sort of.” Jim notes that at age 86 his remaining hair is neither gray nor white. So what color is it? “The guy who cuts my hair suggested ‘gold,'” he says. “I’m good with that.”

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