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John Lawrence Graham

May 31, 2023
Charlotte's War book cover

Go Bears! After receiving his PhD in Business (minor in Anthropology) John Lawrence Graham has spent the last four decades in research, teaching and writing about peace in a variety of contexts — within families, neighborhoods, international commerce, and foreign relations. Graham has published nine nonfiction books on those topics. 

Continuing this endeavor — teaching peace — he has a new historical novel being published this spring. The title is Charlotte’s War. Themes explored in the book include: 

• Men’s vs. women’s affection for firearms 

• Nuclear weapons and war crimes 

• Paths to peace – women’s leadership and international trade 

• Biographies of Henry Kissinger and Ho Chi Minh  

• The romance and humor of everyday life, and more 

Charlotte, the main fictional character, is a Berkeley Anthropology PhD alumna protesting the war in Vietnam. Frighteningly, her son is headed into that harm’s way as a Navy SEAL. Please see the reviews posted on Amazon and pass the word if you like the book.

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