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Quarantine Culture: Essential Podcasts for Desperate Times

April 3, 2020
by Editorial Staff

Trapped at home doing laundry without anything to stimulate your quarantine brain? Anna Sussman is here to help. Sussman, a lecturer at the UC Berkeley School of Journalism and a senior producer and managing editor of WNYC’s podcast Snap Judgment, shares her top podcasts to get you through the week.

Continue your at-home education with our ongoing series, “Quarantine Culture,” featuring recommendations from the Cal community for what to watch, read, listen to, and cook during shelter in place.

Here’s what Sussman had to say:

1. “Watching Over Mountain Village,” from Snap Judgment

The truly inspiring and amazing story of one Alaskan Sheriff’s tireless work to keep her remote community safe from harm. I really like this one right now as a story about keeping each other safe, even with limited resources.

2. “Circle Round,” from WBUR

I have kids under five, and this is the ONLY podcast I’ve found that keeps their attention!

3. “Kind World,” from WBUR

This is great for the whole family, immensely touching stories of human kindness.

4. “Everyone’s a Critic,” from This American Life

Warning, this episode has some very, very heavy Covid 19 reporting, along with some lighter fare, but the episode is an incredibly important commentary on government transparency during an epidemic.

5. “Outsiders,” from KNKX

This is a really well reported podcast on the west coast homelessness crisis and it answers a lot of the questions we all have about tent cities and the folks who live in them.

Also, Snap Judgment is rolling out one kid-friendly story a day on our facebook page.

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