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WATCH: The Play

November 16, 2017

Saturday’s Big Game marks the 35th anniversary of the five-lateral kickoff return so legendary that it’s simply known as The Play. Filmmaker Peter Vogt tells the story behind the historic moment in his eponymous documentary which features interviews with Cal coach Joe Kapp, Stanford quarterback John Elway, radio play-by-play announcer Joe Starkey, that one trombone player, and many others. Watch clips of those interviews and raw footage from the 1982 game below. While you’re at it, take a look back at other stories from our archives about that greatest finish in all football history, including Jeffrey S. Brand’s musings on The Play as metaphor. and James Rainey’s “Paging Fan X,” about the mysterious fan who first signaled the touchdown.

THE PLAY (teaser) from Peter Vogt on Vimeo.

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