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Witnesses to History

February 14, 2011

Readers of the Wall Street Journal may have been aware that Cal Discoveries had a tour in Cairo when protests there began. There were 35 people in the group, ages 13 to 90. We’re happy to report that they all made it back safely.

Cal Discoveries’ Charlotte Sproul served as travel manager for the trip. The group’s hotel in Cairo overlooked Tahrir Square on one side and the now-iconic bridge across the Nile on the other, a vantage point that Charlotte’s husband, R.G. Sproul, who was also on the tour, aptly referred to as a “front-row seat for the revolution.”

Indeed some of the images and voices that were initially included in western news reports came from members of the group. We’ll be featuring some of their stories in a forthcoming issue of California magazine. In the meantime, you can see more here.

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