September October 2006

Global Warming Features

Extreme Science

Are scientists getting closer to pinning down a “tipping point” for catastrophic climate change? By Michael Zielenziger Read more »

Flower Power

Berkeley scientist John Harte discovers serious flaws in climate change predictions. By Peter Alsop Read more »

China’s Sorrow

China is on the brink of an unprecedented environmental implosion. By Orville Schell Read more »

Unforbidden Cities

Can a new type of “gated community” reverse China’s ecological debacle? By Harrison Fraker Jr. Read more »

Can We Adapt in Time?

Barriers to overcoming global warming are as much psychological as scientific. By Sandy Tolan Read more »

Japan’s Nervous Breakdown

A Berkeley journalist uncovers the human fallout from Japan’s recent boom-to-bust cycle. By Michael Zielenziger Read more »