Spring 2011

Articles Of Faith Features

Being Big Ed

A portrait of the artist as an aging NFL lineman By Pat Joseph Read more »

Casting about for Your Vote

What does it really mean when you make up your mind to vote for a candidate? By Wallace Ravven Read more »

Get Thee to a Nonery

As atheism loses its stigma, more students identify as nonbelievers. By Glen Martin Read more »

Chasing the Divine

Huston Smith and the seekers of Trabuco Canyon By Don Lattin Read more »

Lab + Field

Unearthing California

Berkeley researchers are uncovering how the land looked when the Spaniards stumbled upon it. By Eric Simons Read more »

Time Flies

Frequent-flyer hamsters help us reevaluate the effects of jet lag. By Mike Irvine Read more »

Now Hear This

A Berkeley researcher investigates how we listen to ourselves. By M.R. Fall Read more »

Child’s Play!

Preschoolers use statistics to understand others. By Katie Goldsmith Read more »

Arts + Letters

Killing the Serpent

The satiric visions of Robert and Warrington Colescott. By Pat Joseph Read more »

No Longer a Loser

Before the costumed antics, Oski was a cartoon. By Katie Goldsmith Read more »

Far Flung

A Barrel of Odds and Ends

In the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago, the juices swap around. By Kenneth Brower Read more »

Taste Test

Reconstructing Tradition

A Cal alumna shares her family’s recipes with the world. By Carol Ness Read more »

Sather Gate

High Energy Physicist

CAA’s 2011 Alumnus of the Year, Steven Chu. By Charles Petit Read more »


The Cal Alumni Association’s fundraising team tried just about every technique this past year — Facebook, telemarketing, email, direct mail…. By Joe Brown Read more »

Out of the Gate

One Percent

It’s a rainy Saturday night, and I’m huddled in a doorway, pleasantly buzzed after a few drinks with a beautiful Russian girl I will never see again. By Dr. Eric Schultz Read more »