Spring 2016 - War Stories

War Stories




All Quiet on the DMZ

The history of the Cold War didn’t always make history.
By Glen Martin
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The Extremes of Human Experience

Maybe that’s what attracts men to war.
By Tom Tugend, as told to Alina Tugend
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Angels, Protesters and Patriots

What a long-ago skirmish says about love of country.
By Chris A. Smith
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Clifford Stoll in Four Dimensions

How a Berkeley eccentric beat the USSR and went on to manufacture totally useless, wonderful objects.
By Martin Snapp
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The Other Side of War

I volunteered for Mortuary Affairs because I always thought: What better way to honor their sacrifice?
By Trésor Bunker, as told to Pat Joseph
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“Did You Kill Anybody?”

I just didn’t say anything…because people didn’t have a clue…
By Denver Mills, as told to Pat Joseph
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Lab + Field

American Mastadon

Did forests edge out megafauna, or the other way around?
By Brendan Buhler
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Suffer the Children

A long-term study hopes to unravel the complexities of chemical exposure.
By Ann Brody Guy
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Better Living Through Chemical Analysis

Consumers gain access to safety studies, and corporations take note.
By Ann Brody Guy
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Like Fungi in the Bank

Sierra Nevada forests make a savvy investment in fire-withstanding fungi.
By Chelsea Leu
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Arts + Letters

Berkeley’s Bravest

Rediscovering the Cal scholar who was the model for Hemingway’s Spanish Civil War hero.
By Adam Hochschild
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Sather Gate

World’s Smartest Billionaire

CAA’s Alumnus of the Year for 2016 is James H. Simons.
By Sean Elder
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Out of the Gate

Sketching Elijah

A few bullet wounds got a sniper out of the Army and into UC Berkeley—but he still wasn’t free.
By Marica Petrey
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