Summer 2010

Shelf Life Features

Natural Affinities

Reading George Stewart in Antarctica. By Kenneth Brower Read more »

Poetic Gesture

A California crown for Lord Byron. By Aleta George Read more »

Pressing Business

The University of California Press supports its mission of publishing good scholarship. By Tim Lesle Read more »

An Independent Existence

Recalling Harriet Lane Levy’s unusual, eclectic life. By Jennifer Hattam Read more »

Extraordinarily Ordinary

Beverly Cleary’s ordinary folk on Klickitat Street make magic for young readers. By Reyhan Harmanci Read more »

Intellectual Action Hero

The political fictions of Eugene Burdick. By Chris Smith Read more »

Lab + Field

No Laughing Matter

Berkeley’s hyenas may help unravel the mystery of language. By Anne Pinckard Read more »

Foggy Future

A sharp drop in marine fog may threaten California’s state tree. By Robin Meadows Read more »

Damage Control

Chile’s disaster tells experts what California is doing right — and wrong — to prepare for the next big one. By Lauren DiPerna Read more »

Arts + Letters

Art Star

With the addition of the Fisher Collection, SF MOMA becomes a world destination. By Steven Winn Read more »

Free Speech

An Ounce of Prevention

Sometimes the public health field is a victim of its own success. By David Tuller Read more »

Far Flung

Central Asia’s Soviet Hangover

Stalin’s fading, but the ghost of Lenin lingers on. By Gail Bensinger Read more »

The Play

Forgotten Sports Heroes of Cal

Archie Williams ’39, Walter Gordon ’18, J.D. ’22, and Helen Wills ’26 Read more »

Sather Gate

Bound to Sell

How two Berkeley bookstores fought, and still fight, for their values. By Ezra Carlsen Read more »

License at the Margins

Jonathan Lethem talks about becoming a writer in Berkeley. Read more »

Driving Change

The City Streets Project wants to change the way we design urban environments. By Nate Seltenrich Read more »

Fast Learner

Cal grad student Carol Greider got started early making monumental discoveries in cell biology. By Robert Roper Read more »

Out of the Gate

Tale of a Mid-Sixties Swim Babe

Twenty-eight years ago I took up swimming after I finally quit smoking for the last time. By Kate Coleman ’65 Read more »