Back with a Vengeance: Berkeley’s Head Epidemiologist On the Return of Pertussis

Professor Arthur Reingold is Head of Epidemiology at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health

California: Is whooping cough coming back?

We certainly are having a resurgence of pertussis in the United States, although it’s never gone away. It is a threat to very young infants, particularly those too young to be vaccinated or who have not yet had a complete series of the vaccines. 

Where does pertussis come from? How can you catch it?

There is no nonhuman source of pertussis. Pertussis is limited strictly to humans. There are no animals that are involved in the transmission of pertussis and it’s not in the environment. So it’s 100 percent a disease that is transmitted from one person to another through coughing and sneezing, through the respiratory route. 

Why hasn’t vaccination wiped pertussis out?

You can be immunized and protected against getting the disease, pertussis, but still have the organism in your nose and throat and spread it to others. Or you can have a very mild illness that is caused by pertussis that causes you to cough, and thereby infect others. So the immunity is not 100 percent from the pertussis vaccine. And what it means is any kind of herd immunity—the way we see, for example, much more powerfully with measles—really can’t be relied upon.

What’s herd immunity?

Herd immunity—the idea that some unvaccinated people are protected because other people are vaccinated and thereby are less likely to come in contact with the organism—is very powerful for some infectious diseases and totally nonexistent and irrelevant for other infectious diseases. Pertussis is kind of in the middle.

Herd immunity is important, and one of the strategies we have for trying to prevent disease in newborn infants who are still too young to be vaccinated is called “cocooning,” where we try to vaccinate all of the adults in the household or who are in contact with that infant. But if people think they’re protected because they live in a generally well-vaccinated population like the United States, and therefore are not likely to get pertussis, that would be the wrong message to give, because the reality is the organism circulates freely in the U.S. despite high levels of vaccination.

Why “cocooning”?

In part because we don’t really have another way to protect young babies except to make sure that, A, they are born to well-immunized mothers and have some passive immunity from antibodies they get from their mother. But then it’s going to be several months before they can have had several doses and be protected through immunization, and we know that most babies who get pertussis get it from immediate contact within their family and the adults in their surroundings. So, B, we are trying to at least reduce the likelihood that the adults around a baby could be a source of infection for the baby. 

Who doesn’t get vaccinated?

So the Supreme Court basically ruled 100 years ago that you must allow people exemptions on religious, personal-belief kinds of grounds. So that’s sort of been basically adjudicated a long time ago, is my understanding. There are also rare instances where you shouldn’t vaccinate. For example, [if] you’ve had a severe allergic reaction to a vaccine, you shouldn’t get more doses of that vaccine. So there are some medical counterindications—they are very rare—but they do exist. And then the whole question is, other than medical counterindications, … what types of religious or personal-belief exemptions do you allow?

But the easier it is for parents to opt out, the higher the proportion of parents who do opt out, and within states that make it easier, there are higher levels of opting out. Particularly there are pockets in the states of Washington and Oregon and California, including here in Northern California but also in Southern California, where as many as 20 or 30 percent of parents are opting out of vaccinating their children against pertussis. There are pockets here on the West Coast, and I suppose elsewhere, where that’s really reached an alarming proportion.

From the Summer 2014 Apocalypse issue of California.
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“sunshine” I am Canadian and here vaccines are free so there is no disincentive to having your child vaccinated. That being said, if you lived here you would probably be arrested and have your children taken away and you would be charged with child abuse at the very least. Personally I wish there was a legal charge for being BONE HEADED STUPID. Then we could be free of you morons.
Sifting through this thread is painful. To few are speaking truth and those who are speaking it, have left a wealth of information to anyone looking for a starting point. Nice job to brothersun and sunshine, I agree with much of what you’ve offered and appreciate the variety of topics. To those who antagonistically reply, you do not further your cause, you divide the truth. Brothersun said it best, no vaccines ever saved anyone. Stop pouncing on those who know what they’re talking about, just because your level of knowledge is inferior, does not give you the right to be so argumentative and insulting. I think sunshine strived with you a lot longer than most. She has reason to believe the way she does and you, with your mean spirited replys are just over the top.
I respectfully disagree that vaccines have never saved anyone. The fact that I grew up absent of the fear of polio and life spent in an iron lung as my parents generation or the horrors of small pox is a testament to that. I fear the absence of these horrors has fostered a false sense of safety. My trust of vaccines stems from simple, irrefutable biology. The immune system prevents these diseases via antibodies and there are two ways to acquire these antibodies and the protection they give us. First is from breastfeeding and the second is from exposure to these viruses. Personally, I would prefer my children to be exposed to a weakened form of the virus to gain immunity via vaccination instead of risking them a lifetime of pain and suffering. (Or a shortened life for that matter) From a pro vaccine standpoint, your position comes off as a gamble on whether your children will be exposed to these viruses or not with their life and well being as the betting chips. I suppose ever single one of these parents a whack jobs too. Unfortunately, they had to have this sort of tragedy happen to their child…but they are now wide awake. And some are stating never again will they ever vaccinate their children. You really can’t call the whole population of people who choose not to vaccinate whacks. We don’t call ourselves anti vaxxers, you coined that term. It’s the same illogic to the pro life debate, we say pro life…you call it pro choice…you can call anything what you want, but it does not change the truth about it. To a pro life person, we sit back and chuckle about the nonsense that you come up with. How about pro life and pro death….especially when that choice leads to a murdered baby. What about the baby’s right to choose. You don’t scream pro choice then… Again, that mind set is the problem…why do you call us who choose not to vax, anti vaxxers? And you say it like it’s so wicked and something to be shunned. It’s an informed choice, it’s health freedom and not entered into lightly. I began this quest for truth in 1995 at the birth of my first child. I dint have google, there were no cell phones, no one had a computer. I sought out the research, and I collected it through the years. My process to uncover the vaccine hoax all started with a gut feeling. I’m so glad I followed it. You people who parrot out the same rhetoric, all google or do your little pubmed and the way you flaunt your pubmed, should embarrass you…it is peer reviewed, it is no authority. I could write a pubmed and have it published easily. Protect your children people…stop overwhelming their body with poison!
I really think the answer now is to cultivate live strains of any disease that can be vaccinated against and just apply them to every surface people might touch. I hear measles are quite torturous even if they fail to be lethal. Just remind your child they are suffering now because you loved them so much and your mind was so open it fell out of your head. The problems will sort themselves and iron lung sales will go through the roof. In fact I think I’ll find out if anybody still makes an iron lung and buy stocks.
How many of you all knowing and informed adults are up to date on every single one of the vaccines you think you’re protected against. Vaccines don’t provide lifelong protection, you will forever need your booster, what a cash cow. Would really like an honest answer. I’m sure with the aggressive vaccine schedule that is currently mandates, not a single one of you are up to date on your booster shots! Such hypocrites. Again, you can’t have it both ways. So many useless vaccines out there…if they did work even for a little period of time, they all wear out. Why is it that the outbreaks we see occurring now, are in the freshly vaccinated population.My husband used to get the flu shot via mandatory military, and I would get the flu. He finally figured out how to side step the mandatory vaccines and never more did we deal with the problems associated from the vaccine.
I am happy to say I and my own are up to date and thank you for your concern. As for supposed outbreaks, I have not had the flu ever and I attribute this to vaccines while I assume you would say it is good luck but the truth is I am willfully exposing myself to a weakened form of the virus so I can build immunity but strains like the flu are problematic due to the rate of mutation in the virus’ RNA that can lead to changes in the function of the virus, hence why there is a new immunization every year.
Just curious, did you have your mmr booster, chicken pox booster, tetanus booster, hep b booster…have you tried out your shingles vax? What are you up to date on, if you don’t mind?
Tetanus, hep and mmr as well as meningitis. I had chicken pox as a child so it is already inside me which could lead to shingles since they are the same virus but fortunately my age group is not prone to shingles. And the annual $7 flu vaccine I mentioned previously.
Not that I am advocating it or indeed even want to see it, but it would be interesting to see the legal proceedings if a child died from polio or a similar disease after not receiving vaccines and the parents were prosecuted for willful negligence leading to death. I feel many of these issues would be resolved then but I am a science teacher, not a lawyer.
Peter, you’ve hit the nail on the head with your comment. The anti-vaxers like Sunshine will never see the connection because they don’t want to. It’s clear from the poorly worded, misspelled posts that something’s amiss, and that something won’t allow reason to rule the thought process.
Uh. How has no one noticed Sunshine’s alternate usernames one here? My favorite post is where she forgets what name she’s signed in with and congratulates herself on being such a wise and visionary contributor. Brilliant. Can’t script this stuff.
What disease causes people to reject common sense, because it seems to be spreading in parts of the west coast. Yes, I am talking about you, Sunshine, and people like you. I wonder why Dorit Reiss spends so much of her valuable time with well thought out arguments, presented to people like you. It’s laying pearls before swine.
I am not California west coast moonshine. Dorit is a massive cog in the wheel. She is devils advocate and she is a policy maker. She is paid big bucks to sit there and appear authoritive and all knowing. She is a pharmaceutical/governmental agenda advancing the cause to endless laws and endless vaccines. You are fee to believe what you want, with the internet at your fingertips, you have an endless library of knowledge, tap into it. Stop wasting your time trying to make those of us who adamantly disagree with your views look like idiots. So what if I’m an idiot in your eyes….moonshine,mi know the truth and have used it as a call to action, I live by what I say and I steer my family right. It’s people like you who could greatly beepnefit from uncovering the truth. Stop watching mainstream media….get rid of your cable all together, it’s called “programming ” for a reason! Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and start looking for the truth. I entered Into this debate twenty years ago, I didn’t care one way or the other WHAT THE TRUTH WAS, I just wanted to truth. In my call to action, I speK to young mothers, mothers who are pregnant, elderly people, parents of teenage girls who are contemplating gardasil…I have NEVER encountered the attitude and rudeness in real life like I have in a thread such as this. This thread is not a clear representation of the he General population, it is a screen for people to hide behind with their off the cuff remarks and whiny rudeness. For every 5 people I share, show and metor the truth to, 3 out of those 5 choose to stop vaccinating or choose to never start! I tell them about the fear mongering all authoritive people they will encounter the mindless sheep they will encounter, the status quo people, I teach them how to stand their ground and not fall for the fear. I show the the real science, the ingredients, what organizations say about those ingredients and while sharing this with people of faith, when I inform them there is human diploid in a vaccine, I show them how that is derived from an aborted fetus and that usually seals that deal. When I show them all the other ingredients, they had no clue. At this point, it is a matter of conscience for them. They go to bed and wrestle with whether or not they should inject their children with known neurotoxins. When they wake up in the morning, always, they become immersed into the vaccine debate, they become solidified in their decision to not vax. After time, they are so angry that anyone would inject them with toxic sludge and they can’t believe they fell for it. I’m doing my part, this is where the real work is. Your opinions, insults and condescension would never stop me from speaking the truth!
Also, lest you come off as a total idiot, it is “peers” not “piers”.
Thank you for an interesting and timely article. I just make two suggestions. First, since the decision to vaccinate or not is basically a risk-balancing decision, it would be good to have information on the numbers of deaths and other health risks due to pertussis infection as well the numbers of adverse reactions to the vaccines. It is also good to give sources for all numbers, including those used to prepare graphs and other quantitative illustrations.
anyone disbelieving in the countless incidences of children developing brain damage and regressing with Autism like disorders within hrs or days of a slew of vaccines needs to reevaluate their entire belief system and how they form their world views. They are suffering from server cognitive dissonance of some kind. They have become so subservient to their perceived source of authority that they have lost the ability to think critically for themselves anymore. forget about vaccines for a moment, this is root of all problems today.
This discussion about the lack of efficacy of the Pertussis vaccine should not be used used to malign non-medical exemptions. The number of fully vaccinated yet still susceptible individuals exceeds those who opt out of the vaccine by choice. Sometimes by magnitudes, as recent research shows the adolescent TDaP efficacy to be 74% the first year and dropping to 34% by year 2 to 4. The PBE rate in CA is only 2.54%, therefore the maximum downward pressure on vaccination rates that PBE can apply is 2.54%. 100% - 2.54% still leaves 97.46%. The PBE holders are statistically insignificant. In WA state only 2.9% of children are opted out of completing the full 5 of 5 DTaP series from all types of exemptions combined- medical, personal, and religious. 100% - 2.9% = 97.1% I suspect the Author is ignorant of the manner in which exemption use is measured and tracked, and apparently also the distortion of data that occurs in using percentage measurement in small populations. CA requires 16 injections for Kindergarten entry. An exemption is required to opt out of any single injection. Exemption use is tracked in an “all or nothing” fashion, meaning that if a child is opted out of only a single injection of the 16 the CA DPH measures them as “100% exempt” even though they are 93.75% vaccinated by injection count. I believe the author is parroting the assertion , “Particularly there are pockets in the states of Washington and Oregon and California, including here in Northern California but also in Southern California, where as many as 20 or 30 percent of parents are opting out of vaccinating their children against pertussis.”, without actually examining the reports himself to determine the cause of the measurement of “high” rates. Fieldbrook Elementary in Humboldt County has an “18%” Kindergarten exemption rate. The Kindergarten has 22 kids, each child who is less than 16/16 shots is 4.5% of the class, so this “18%” is 4 kids. In CA Trinity county has only 114 Kindergartners, with each Kindergartner who is less than 16/16 injections impacting the PBE rate by .87%, ten kids giving the county an 8.7% exemption rate. LA County has 130,000 Kindergartners, so obviously the per child impact on PBE rates makes any comparisons unusable. In WA state there are 6 school districts with a PBE rate 20% plus. The two highest have a total of 28 students between them- all grades K to 12. 14 students each. Meaning a single child who is less than 16 of 16 injections, or 17 of 17 injections for 6th to 12th grade, counts as 7.14%. So these terrifying “20%” plus districts are really isolated, single school organizations where 3 of the kids has less then every shot. One district has a “50%” Kindergarten exemption rate, because it is 2 kids, one of whom is less than 16 of 16 injections. There are 8 districts in WA with Kindergarten PBE exemption rates over 20%. The entire group is 88 kids over all of the districts, only 1 district has more than 10 Kindergartners. Percentage measurement should not be used in populations this small, particularly with the inclusion criteria to be exempt is missing 1 of 16 injections. This is a manufactured issue.
It’s not a scientific article, just plain propaganda and stupidly put together, nothing in this article reflect reality. Pharma boy wrote this one.
Sunshine, just wanted to let you know I skimmed your comments and am happy that you are offering another viewpoint to this pro-industry article. I don’t agree with every one of your points, but I am a health professional and biologist who has done the research and decided not to vaccinate my family based on the available evidence. It isn’t a popular position these days but many of my colleagues share it with me off the record. To contribute something further, this article fails to mention that most new cases of pertussis are actually type B (or sometimes even vaccine-strain). The currently available vaccine has been shown to actually make the recipient MORE susceptible to this strain when compared to an unvaccinated individual. Further, cocooning is problematic in that recently vaccinated adults will often asymptomatically shed the virus thus exposing and possibly infecting the newborn they are trying to protect. In addition, some of the limited safety studies done have been admittedly falsified.
He admits that vaccinated people carry the pertussis virus around in their throat even if they are asymptomatic in the same breathe that he uses to support the concept of cacooning a child with vaccinated adults to “protect” the infant. It only makes sense if you are not paying attention.
It makes you wonder: Does the author of this article actually believe what he’s saying or is he a willing shill? As far as I can tell he’s either being deceitful or ignorant.
Interesting, apparently someone deleted my previous comment. Let’s see if this one gets through. The gist of my previous comment was that the author had made so many oversights in this article that his expertise is called into question. One can’t help to wonder if this article is intentionally misleading under the circumstances.
As I’m neither a Pro or Anti Vaxer, on the fence evaluating the arguments I can’t help but ask you Jack, and your qualifications are? It seems to me we have an eminently qualified scientist answering questions in an interview and we have someone else suggesting he is misleading in his responses but based on what? In my experience the more you know the more you know you don’t know. Anyone who thinks they know everything usually knows nothing.
Mr. Arthur Reingold states that, “There is no nonhuman source of pertussis.” Well, I hate to let you know but pertussis is grown in a lab by humans. Why don’t you tell us how it’s grown, Mr. Reingold? Where is it found in nature that humans contract the virus? Newborn infants are vaccinated at birth, Mr. Reingold. The Hep B vaccine is given to them because evidently they are going to go shoot drugs with hookers. What about the adverse effects you say are so rare? Well, let’s hear it from the label of the manufacture of the DTaP: “Adverse events reported during post-approval use of Tripedia vaccine include idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, SIDS, anaphylactic reaction, cellulitis, autism, convulsion/grand mal convulsion, encephalopathy, hypotonia, neuropathy, somnolence and apnea. ” All this goes to show that Mr. Reingold is a liar.
Dorit is a pharmaceutical company hack. I don’t believe she/it actually exist as a person but as an entity that invades every vaccine blog that exists. I have seen your comments for years. You claim that ALL vaccines are safe an effective and that they have been thoroughly tested. This is a false hood that has been perputated by vaccine manufactures for many years. No vaccine has ever been through a TRUE double blind study. Every vaccine claims to have done this but the “placebo” is loaded with the same adjuvants that the vaccine contains like mercury, alumimium, polysorbate 50 etc. The flu vaccine claims to be fully tested but this is impossible since the virus changes so fast and there is no time to test it fully every year before it is released. The flu vaccine is an unscientific experiment every year! We can also look at the Guardisil vaccine, the least tested drug to ever be released on the market. Even the doctors who tested it state they would never give it to our children. Hundreds of young girls have died from this vaccine and thousands hav had their health and lived destroyed for a vaccine that has never been proven to prevent one case of cervical cancer. It is widely known that yearly Pap smears can prevent more cervical cancer than this horrible vaccine. The pharmaceutical companies lie to us all he time just like Dorit. Let’s look at the first vaccine our children get within hours of birth, the hep b vaccine. This is a vaccine to prevent a sexually transmitted disease. Can some one tell me how our infants are at risk for this. The vaccine effectiveness for hep b is 6-8 years, do you think your child is going to be sexually active by this age…..oh wait the other risk group are Iv drug users or those who get tattoos….still at risk by 6-8 yrs old. Oh I might want to point out the study used to pursuede us all into hep vaccines was a study done in Vietnam where more than 30% of mothers carry hep b, in this country the % is less than three! but it is an opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to make more money so why not inject newborns needlessly! BTW the vaccine schedule has nothing to do with preventing illness but it is designed to teach parents to become COMPLIANT! ……oh and I forgot to make money for the pharmaceutical companies!
—Merck used rabbit antibodies to falsify data. —Merck used aluminum in placebo. —Merck/CSL used another vaccine containing mercury as placebo. —Merck tested Gardasil for 6 months and FDA fast tracked the approval. (calls into question the validity of the data and which violate ethical principles and norms include: 1) the use of unsafe equipment ; 2) falsifying analytical results; 3) failure to report adverse effects; and 4) retaining subjects in the experiment, which due to their health, should not be part of an experiment.” By: Gabriela Segura, MD) —Drug companies never studied the synergistic effects of combinations of shots. —Drug companies never studied the synergistic effects of toxins and heavy metals together. —The entire CDC recommended childhood schedule of 49 doses of 14 vaccines before age 6 has never been studied. —Vaccines have not been studied for carcinogenicity (cancer causing), birth defects or infertility. —Vaccines have not been studied for mutagenicity or autoimmunity (DNA in vaccines causing autoimmunity). —The FDA doesn’t require vaccine manufactures to test vaccine adjuvants for safety. —The U.S. The government won’t do a controlled study comparing the health of completely vaccinated to completely unvaccinated children. Likely, they are afraid of the results. —Dong-Pyou Han, a scientist from Iowa State University, was found guilty of fabricating and falsifying data in HIV vaccine trials. —Dr. Poul Thorsen (principal investigator on the Danish Autism Studies) indicted on 22 counts of wire fraud and money laundering by a U.S. Federal Grand Jury. —CDC employee Dr. William Thompson witnessed his colleagues destroying data and he was told to lie. He came out as a whistle blower in 2014 and asked to be subpoenaed but Congress still have not called for a hearing. —Simpsonwood Conference cover-up. A closed meeting between CDC, WHO (World Health Organization), pharmaceutical companies, and scientists. (2000) —CDC and government use flawed and manipulated studies to repeat lies to the public claiming they are “safe and effective”. —SV40 (cancer virus) was found in the Salk’s polio vaccine produced between 1955 and 1961. The government chose to cover it up and gave contaminated vaccines to millions. Sabin’s oral polio vaccines were also contaminated from 1961 until 1973 or even later. The OPV caused many cases of polio. —The Cutter Incident: In April 1955 more than 200 000 children received a polio vaccine in which the process of inactivating the live virus proved to be defective. Within days there were reports of paralysis. Investigations revealed that the vaccine, manufactured by Cutter Laboratories, had caused 40 000 cases of polio, leaving 200 children with varying degrees of paralysis and killing 10. Health agencies reclassified, redefined, changed requirements, and renamed polio cases to make them go away.
Why do healthier communities produce fewer babies? What is the logic and evidence of that?
wow, no one comments for twelve months I comment, and suddenly two absurd comments, that make no sense?
Here’s what I know as fact: In the September 2017 report from the Department of Justice (Sarah C. Duncan, Trial Attorney) for the reporting period from 11/16/16 – 8/15/17, adjudicated settlements for Influenza injury included the following, where petition filing to settlement ranged from 6 months to 11 years 2 months: Allergic Encephalomyelitis; Amplified Pain Syndrome; Adhesive Capsulitis; Anaphylaxis; Anti-MAG Neuropathy; Axillary nerve injury; Bell’s Palsy; Bilateral upper extremity weakness; Brachial Neuritis; Brachial Plexopathy; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; Cerebellar Ataxia; Cholecystectomy; Cholecystitis; Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Neuropathy; Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP); Chronic Pain; Death; Demyelinating Disorder; Demyelinating Injury; Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans; Difficulty breathing; Dystonia; Encephalitis; Facial Spasms; Fatigue; Fibromyalgia; Guillain-Barré Syndrome; Hearing Loss; Hypotension; Internuclear Ophthalmoplegia and/or optic neuritis; Ischemic Optic Neuropathy; Kidney Failure; Limbic Encephalitis; Miller Fisher Variant; Mononeuritis Multiplex; Myalgia; Myoclonic Seizures; Necrotizing Myositis; Neuropathy of the Medial and Radial Nerves; Neuropathy; Optic Neuritis; Parsonage Turner Syndrome, Peripheral Neuropathy; Myalgia; Myoclonic Seizures; Pityriasis Lichenoides et Varioliformis Acuta (PLEVA); Polyradiculoneuropathy; Post-Vaccine Syndrome with Demyelinating Features; Rheumatoid Arthritis; Rotator Cuff Tear; Seizure Disorder, SIRVA, Sixth Cranial Nerve Palsy; Small Fiber Neuropathy; Speech Problems; Stevens Johnson Syndrome; Tibial Nerve Palsy; Tinnitus; Torso and bilateral upper extremity paresthesia; Transverse Myelitis, Trigeminal Neuralgia; Urticaria; Vasovagal Syncope; Vision Loss; Vocal Cord Paralysis; Weakness, Wegener’s Granulomatosis.
The other collateral issue here which is as dangerous as some prospective communicable disease is the pitching of “Scientism” to replace objective science. All science is argumentative. 100%. Today’s “the science is settled” is in medicine, often tomorrow’s malpractice lawsuit. In justice courts, presently (but not for much longer) both sides are allowed to call “expert witnesses” — who more-often-than-not, contradict one another, under oath. How can this be so, if science is absolute? Simple answer? It isn’t. Testimony is opinion — not fact. If it wasn’t, the justice courts would simply allow only one “expert” to testify… the “official one”. But, articles such as the one here lead us to believe there is only one side of the issue. The “science is settled”? That is more religion than science or “Scientism” — the fusion of religion and science, under various cover stories. Where are the double-blind, randomized, prospective, placebo-controlled clinical trials? Simple answer? There are none. Even if there were such studies, my response in re: civil rights, makes any of these hypothetical studies moot. The power of choice still applies, subject to some compelling state interest. Lowering the bar for such interests is a financial exercise disguised as a public health one. But promoting scientists as “gods” who have the power to rule, by force if necessary, over lesser-gods is what we see here. Under this metric, theories — not matter how subjective, become objective facts, by definition (Deconstructionist bias). Skepticism is redefined as heresy. In a free and open society, people who make wise choices usually do better than those who make bad decisions. Once removed of any choice, such objective analysis becomes impossible. So hidden in this discussion is the promotion (PSYOPS) of Scientism along with the engineering of consent for voluntary abolition of civil rights. Anyway you slice this topic, it is ripe with issues that pale in comparison to the alleged threat used to rationalize the effort. And once your Rights are gone? Well .. .history tells us it is far better to keep your Rights than to lose them only to (re)fight or revisit history. And there is no vaccine to protect you from that tyranny. The only Rights you have? Are the Rights you assert. And no religion under scientific or other cover can change that.
Where is the study that proves the current child vaccine schedule is safe and doesn’t cause health problems ??? Where is the study that shows the health of vaxxed and unvaxxed? Take some monkeys and do the damn study. Guarentee the fully vaxxed monkeys will be damaged and the unvaxxed ones will be fine…do the’ll be fun to see
Vaccines are not rigorously tested..its a few weeks and up against other vaccines and they have no idea what causes what..its sloppy…but who wouldn’t be sloppy if they are held liable for their product. Vaccines are useless…they just damage people..
It is impossible to become immune to a bacteria. Pertussis (whooping cough) is a bacteria. Tetanus is a bacteria. Diphtheria is a bacteria. Take whooping cough… injecting the bacteria into a person is just making them an a asymptomatic carrier of whooping cough. This is why vaccine logic isn’t logic…it’s insanity. The idea is that the vaccine will decrease the risk of an active infection. There is a big problem with that idea. Anyone who is an asymptomatic carrier…and they are reexposed to that bacteria (like being around someone recently vaccinated) can trigger the dormant bacteria into an active infection. The CDC’s own data called ‘Pertussis surveillance report’s’ detail that you are between 4-8x more likely to develop whooping cough if you are fully vaccinated vs someone who is completely unvaccinated. Go look it up…its not hidden information. Whooping cough is on the rise because children receive 5 doses of the dtap vaccine. That’s a lot of carriers of the bacteria. And that is why vaccinating against whooping cough is completely USELESS.
Thank you Sunshine for standing up for the rights of parents who do not want their children vaccinated. May God bless you.