Uncharted Territory: 40 Speakers Set for This Weekend’s Berkeley Festival of Ideas

Austin has South by Southwest, Aspen has its Ideas Festival, TED talks have popped up everywhere, and Berkeley has Uncharted: The Berkeley Festival of Ideas. The festival, to be held this Friday and Saturday, will feature nationally recognized thinkers in talks, forum discussions and workshops on pressing topics—including the Black Lives Matter movement, globalized education, drones, and of course, whether Gwyneth Paltrow is wrong about everything (no, we’re not kidding, that’s actually a talk on the schedule).

Can’t We All Get Along? Case Studies of Racial Tensions In and Around Progressive Berkeley

Science tells us that race is in our heads, not in our genes; it’s all a social construct.

It’s an observation that seems to illuminate everything and nothing at once. It makes it sound so arbitrary and trivial—a trick of the mind. And yet history tells us that race has mattered enormously. And the news emphasizes how much it still matters today in terms of what researchers call “life outcomes”: Your chances of securing a loan, for example; or of getting a good education; or of being shot by the police.

From the Fall 2015 Questions of Race issue of California.
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