Bettina Aptheker

Radicalizing Life Events: If I Was Truly Feminist, What Was I Doing About It?

From the moment I got engaged last year, everything I touched became fraught with meaning about my role in the world as a woman, wife, and future mother.

Just a few of the questions that came up in the months surrounding the wedding:

Would I circle around Dave seven times under the chuppah to signify that we were creating a new life together? (No, but not because it was symbolically subservient. I wasn’t religious enough and didn’t want to trip in my stilettos.)

From the Winter 2014 Gender Assumptions issue of California.

The FSM at 50: Old Activists Never Say Die

October 1 marked the 50th anniversary of the birth of the Free Speech Movement in 1964. Following Jack Weinberg’s arrest for political and free speech tabling on campus–Jack’s the famous Guy in the Police Car–some 3,000 students surrounded the police car that had driven onto Sproul Plaza. Mario Savio and other student activists mounted and spoke to the crowd from the car’s roof. They stayed for 32 hours.

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