Brad DeLong

Kiss Me, I’m 61.5% Irish

THE YEAR HAS BEEN A JUMBLE FOR ME. Long story short: I was Portuguese, then I wasn’t, then I was again.

It all started after my wife and I spat in vials and mailed the samples off to a laboratory, where our DNA was extracted from the skin cells that had sloughed off into our saliva. Many thousands of DNA segments were read and analyzed, and the results returned via email.

From the Winter 2019 issue of California.

Meet the Blogademics

In the latest issue of California magazine, contributor Cathleen McCarthy writes about Berkeley scholars who blog. For now, the activity doesn’t do much for their standing within the academy, where publication in peer-review journals and academic presses is still the coin of the realm. But blogging has given some academics, like economist Brad DeLong, a higher profile than he might otherwise enjoy, and along with it, greater influence on the body politic.

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