Central African Republic

An American In Paris: Foreign Service Officer Turned Librarian

Ask an American expatriate “Why did you leave the country?” and more often than not you’ll get an explanation that begins “There was this guy…” or “I met a woman…” Ask Jeffrey Hawkins, a former foreign service officer who has lived in some ten countries on four continents since graduating from Cal 30 years ago, and you’ll hear a different story. “In my case,” he says, “I met a language.” Although actually, in the very beginning, there was a woman too.

Genital Theft on the Rise

Berkeley postdoctoral fellow Louisa Lombard wrote a piece last month for Pacific Standard Magazine that got a lot of media attention—and it’s easy to see why. The title: “Missing Pieces: Africa’s genital-stealing crime wave hits the countryside.”

Yes, genital stealing. Or “penis snatching,” as she also calls it.

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