Crissy Field

So, About That “Well-Regulated Militia” Part of the Constitution

Bay Area demonstrations by right-wing groups scheduled over the weekend fizzled in face of massive opposition protests, defusing fears that Charlottesville-like violence could erupt in San Francisco and Berkeley. Indeed, protests in San Francisco were peaceful, and the few scuffles that did occur in Berkeley seemed instigated by black-garbed Black Bloc protestors, according to many reports.

Art You Can’t Miss

Wednesday was the official unveiling of the new Mark di Suvero ’57 installation in Golden Gate Park, though it wasn’t exactly unviewable before that. After all, it’s hard to hide eight massive steel sculptures sprinkled across Crissy Field. Indeed, a handful of neighbors are reportedly already up in arms about the marring of their view, and their petition to the park office has garnered some 40 signatures.

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