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Beyond Academics

As a girl growing up in Los Angeles, UC Berkeley always held a fascination for me. I loved hearing about the pioneering role it played in the Free Speech and Civil Rights Movements. I even carried an image of the City of Berkeley as a place alive with diversity and openness. So it was no surprise to my family and friends when Berkeley topped my list of college choices. Read more about Beyond Academics »

From the March April 2009 The Soul of Wit issue of California.

Above the Influence

He may be the most powerful man in the world, but Barack Obama seems determined not to act like it. Making his official international debut at the G20 summit in London recently, the new president laid out a striking manifesto of modesty. “We exercise our leadership best when we are listening,” he declared, “when we recognize that the world is a complicated place and that we are going to have to act in partnership with other countries, when we lead by example, when we show some element of humility and recognize that we may not always have the best answer….” Read more about Above the Influence »

From the May June 2009 Go Bare issue of California.


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