Really Cool Science

Meet two possible visitors from another galaxy, Bert and Ernie. You might have missed their respective arrivals in August 2011 and January 2012, just as, right now you’re missing their friends and distant relations, even though billions of them are passing through every square centimeter of your body every second.

Hold the Chicken Little

The news came out of China this week that a strain of bird flu known as H7N9 has broken into the human population. It’s infected 82 people, of whom 17 have died — a mortality rate of 21 percent — and is suspected of human-to-human transmission.

Science Roundup April 23, 2013

Today’s mini-news: The latest advances in brain science and a few lectures of note.

Big Brain, Big Data


Today at 12:30, a research scientist from Google, a man named Tom Dean, was on campus to talk about mapping the human brain. Why a guy from Google? Because that’s an awful lot of data.


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