The Thing Is—Who Knows? It’s a Periodical Package and a Total Mystery

Here’s the thing about The Thing: It is almost impossible to define. It’s a periodical, but unlike any magazine you’ve seen before. It’s a piece of art, but it’s nothing you’re going to hang on your wall. It’s a functional object, but possibly one you’ll be reluctant to ever use. Subscribe to The Thing Quarterly, and you’ll receive a plain brown-paper package four times a year, the contents of which will be a mystery until you open it.

From the Fall 2014 Radicals issue of California.

Off Site and Outta Sight

Congratulations are due to Berkeley alumnus Jonn Herschend, MFA ’06, and the three other recipients of San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s biennial SECA Award for local artists, announced today. In previous years, an exhibition of the winners’ works would be mounted at the museum, complete with the usual wine-and-cheese reception. But this year, the museum is closed for construction, so things are a little more interesting if less convenient (and, possibly, less tasty).

Art You Can’t Miss

Wednesday was the official unveiling of the new Mark di Suvero ’57 installation in Golden Gate Park, though it wasn’t exactly unviewable before that. After all, it’s hard to hide eight massive steel sculptures sprinkled across Crissy Field. Indeed, a handful of neighbors are reportedly already up in arms about the marring of their view, and their petition to the park office has garnered some 40 signatures.

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