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Keepin’ It Real with President Napolitano: The State of the State’s University

Janet Napolitano and I met in her office in downtown Oakland on the afternoon of November 4, 2016, just four days before Hillary Rodham Clinton was thwarted in her attempt to make history by becoming the first woman president of the United States of America.

Some people thought that Napolitano, a former governor of Arizona and Secretary of Homeland Security in the first Obama administration, might herself have been a candidate for the White House. Instead, she became the first woman president of the University of California in 2013.

From the Winter 2016 Reality Bites issue of California.

Janet Napolitano named UC President

In a surprising turn of events today, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano has been announced as the next president of the University of California. Though Napolitano has no previous experience in academic management, the former governor of Arizona has spent seven years supervising the 240,000 employees that make up the Department of Homeland Security, while working closely with the Obama administration on immigration reform. As the University of California’s twentieth president, Napolitano will be the first female in the university’s 145-year history.

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