Winter 2012

Culture Shock Features

Four Roads to Berkeley

Sometimes getting to Berkeley is as difficult as getting into Berkeley. By Alison Owings Read more »

Mansie Remembered

A chance encounter with a scrapbook leads to thoughts about belonging and achievement. By Andrew Moss Read more »

Putin v. Pussy Riot

The trial of a punk band highlights the social troubles of post-Soviet Russia. By David Tuller Read more »

Lab + Field

Refining Past Research

New studies add nuance to our understanding of the effect of climate change on species migration. By Nathanael Johnson Read more »

Democracy in Action

Cal analysis shows citizen involvement works for the U.S. Endangered Species Act. By April M. Short Read more »

Out of Sight

A new drug could shed light on blindness. By Jaime Alfaro Read more »

Practice Makes Perfect

Learning a skill could improve our brains. By Jaime Alfaro Read more »

Arts + Letters

Fiat Lux Again

The University’s take on Ansel Adams’s take on the University. By Kenneth Brower Read more »

The Play

Famous Enough

The minor celebrity of Rod Benson. By Chris Smith Read more »

Far Flung

Cold Jungle

On horseback in Southern Chile. By Pat Joseph Read more »

Sather Gate

The Accidental Spy

In 1979, Kenneth Taylor was both Canada’s man in Tehran, and ours. By Sean Elder Read more »

Profound Scholarship

CAA programs help students come to Berkeley. By Martin Snapp Read more »

5 Questions For:

Rich Lyons, Bank of America Dean, Haas School of Business Read more »

Out of the Gate

Finding Myself in the Beats. By Suzanne Adam ’64 Read more »