Winter 2013

The Information Boom


Riding the iBomb

Life in the age of exploding information. By Pat Joseph
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Does the Library Have a Future?

By Roland De Wolk
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Gadzooks, MOOCs!

By Timothy Lesle
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The NSA, the FBI, and Cal

By Seth Rosenfeld
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Would Twain Have Tweeted?

By Bob Schildgen
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True or False: Information Technology Is Ruining Our Kids

By Lexi Pandell
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Lab + Field

Wrangling Big Data

A Berkeley lab is hard at work making sense of the information age. By Anne Pinckard
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Lizard Legwork

New species lurk in unexpected places. By Shelby Pope
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Tracking Transit

How much is public transit worth? By Shelby Pope
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Metal Machine Music

Berkeley researchers write programs that jam. By Austen Fiora
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Arts + Letters

Sculpting Geometry

Berkeley computer scientist Carlo Sequin explores the art of math (and vice versa). By David Pescovitz
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Free Speech

Science Wants to Be Free

Biologist Michael Eisen argues against corporate science journals and peer review. By Michael Eisen
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Sather Gate

University Champion

The Cal Alumni Association 2014 Alumnus of the Year, William Powers Jr. ’67. By Adair Lara
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Plus: Clark Kerr’s Classic: The Uses of the University Turns 50

Out of the Gate

Finding My Disorientation. By Lauren DiPerna ‘09
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