Winter 2018 - Play




States of Play

Your cat gets it. So does your inner child. Do you?
By Barry Bergman
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Necessary Roughness

A century ago, football was in crisis. History has a way of repeating.
By Coby McDonald
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150 Years of Cal at Play

A celebration of play—sports, games, pastimes, creation, and The Play itself.
By Editorial Staff
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Lab + Field


Robots at Play

In a Berkeley artificial intelligence lab, robots are learning to learn.
By Glen Martin
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Early earthquake warnings come to California.
By Elena Leander
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Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

The constant in gambling is regret.
By Kitty Stryker
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Five Questions for Galen Cranz

Tips on chair design and body-conscious sitting with a professor emerita
of architecture.
By Editorial Staff
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Berkeley Brains of Yore: Wendell M. Stanley and Joel H. Hildebrand

Read about the first man to crystallize and identify a virus, and the chemist
who saved lives with his groundbreaking research on gas solubility.
By Kitty Stryker
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Arts + Letters


Dreamers in a Nightmare

A newly commissioned work gives voice to the undocumented.
By Andrew Gilbert
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Sather Gate


Taking Up the Challenge

Q&A with Cal Athletic Director, Jim Knowlton.
By Kelly O’Mara
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Chancellor’s Letter

In the Zone
By Carol T. Christ
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Out of the Gate


A Moveable Beast

A Bear in Pamplona.
By Joe Garrett ’70, MBA ’76
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Share Your Own Insight

Have a perspective on the topic that we somehow failed to include? Share it with us now.
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Editor’s Note

Kids don’t play like they used to.
By Pat Joseph
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