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Photo by Nancy Rubin

Driving, Mailing, and Shipping Directions

We’re located off Highway 108 in Pinecrest, CA.

Please follow driving directions carefully as it’s different for each camp!

To reach someone at camp:  510.900.8255 (leave a message)

Our office phone at camp is not regularly monitored, so it’s best to leave a message on our Berkeley line, which is monitored even when we’re in Pinecrest.

Directions to the Lair of the Golden Bear:

We suggest you print or screenshot as you may have limited cell access. Please note the directions are different for each camp!

Directions from the Bay Area

  1. Head east on 580 towards Livermore
  2. Around Tracy, take the 205 freeway east
  3. From the 205, take the 120 freeway east towards Escalon and Oakdale
  4. From the 120, take the 108 and follow signs to Sonora
  5. Stay on 108, and go about 30 miles up the mountain from Sonora, following signs to Pinecrest

Directions from Southern California

  1. Take I-5 North to 99 North (a few miles past Grapevine)
  2. Stay on 99 North to 59 North (at Merced, be careful not to take 59 South)
  3. Follow 59 North signs through Merced for a couple of miles
  4. From 59 North turn left on J59 aka La Grange Rd., about a mile past Snelling
  5. From J59 turn right/East on 108 / 120—well past Don Pedro Reservoir
  6. Stay on 108, and follow signs to Pinecrest, about 30 miles past Sonora up the mountains

To Camp Gold

N 38° 10.957
W 120° 00.526

  1. From 108, veer right after the sign that says ‘Pinecrest / Dodge Ridge Road.’ DO NOT TURN ONTO CAMP BLUE ROAD — KEEP GOING!
  2. Once on Pinecrest Road, continue for about 1/2 mile and turn right onto Dodge Ridge Rd. for about 1/4 mile.
  3. Once on Dodge Ridge Road, take the 2nd right turn onto Pinecrest School Rd. Continue on past the Community Center and you’ll see the Camp Gold entrance road.

To Camp Oski

N 38° 10.911
W 120° 00.212

  1. From 108, veer right onto Pinecrest Lake Rd. for about 1/2 mile — DO NOT TURN ONTO CAMP BLUE ROAD!! Keep going! 
  2. Turn right onto Dodge Ridge Rd. for about 1/2 mile
  3. Right turn again at Camp Oski entrance road
  4. Stay right at the fork, and continue down the middle road for check-in

To Camp Blue

N 38° 10.734
W 120° 00.840

  1. Turn right at Camp Blue Road (before Pinecrest turnoff)

Where to send a package or mail to someone at camp:

If sending via UPS or FedEx:

Lair of the Golden Bear – Attn: (name of camper or staffer + Camp name)
1 Camp Blue Road
Pinecrest, CA 95364


If mailing via USPS:

Lair of the Golden Bear – Attn: (name of camper or staffer + Camp name)
P.O. Box 1157
Pinecrest, CA 95364