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Summer Camps for Adults

Laughter, good times, and sunshine with friends old and new: Our energizing, inclusive summer camp experiences help keep that buoyant summer camp spirit all our lives.

Special Camp Experiences

Adult Summer Camp Activities

We take summer camp seriously at the Lair. Here are our very serious summer camp rules:

Lair Adult Camp FAQ

If I go alone, will I be lonely?
No! We think our Lair campers are some of the finest in the land, and we’ve set up camp so that you can always find an activity buddy. Plan on making some amazing connections with fun-loving new friends.
What are the physical requirements like?
Activities and experiences at the Lair are completely flexible and can be tailored to your mobility level.
Are Lair adult camps all-inclusive?
Yes! We’ll provide you three hearty and delicious meals, plus our signature s’mores fixings around the campfire. Our adult camp menus are tailored to grownup taste buds, so you can expect more elevated options than other family camp fare. There are wine and coffee tastings at all adult sessions, too.
Will I feel left out if I didn’t go to UC Berkeley?
Not at all. We’re powered by UC Berkeley’s alumni association, but we’re certainly not exclusive and we definitely don’t do stuck-up. Our campers and staff come from near and far and represent all walks of life.
Do I have to be an athlete to make the team for Sports and Rec camp?
Nope! Come as you are — pack your paddle, racquet, and clubs or just your tennies and a smile. Professional instruction during Sports and Rec is completely optional.
What if I can’t commit to a whole week?
No worries! The Food and Wine Experience is a midweek three-night long session, and Women’s Wellness is a flexible three or four nights.

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