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What to Bring

Find out what you need to bring, might want to bring, and what you should not pack for your upcoming trip.

We also have some items available for rent (for an additional cost) during your stay to make your Lair visit even more comfortable and easy. These items will be delivered to your tent upon arrival and you can leave them at your tent when you head home.


exterior of lair family cabin Photo by Nancy Rubin

What to Bring to Camp

Need to Bring
- Flashlights for each family member
- Bedding—a warm sleeping bag or 3–4 blankets and sheets, plus pillows and pillowcases. There is one electrical outlet in the tent, so you can bring an electric blanket, yet you may need an extension cord depending how you configure the bed(s). All bed frames are twin size (except Room 1 in Bosch Hall, which has a queen size bed and a twin and the year round cabins at Camp Oski, which have a queen size bed). ** Even if you are staying in a year-round Oski cabin, you still must bring your own bedding and towels (we don't provide linen service during summer season)
- A sheet and/or pad to cover the mattress under your sleeping bag
- Casual old clothing to stand up to the Lair’s dusty environment. Be prepared for warm days and cool nights with shorts, bathing suits, long pants, sweaters, jackets, and hats for warmth and/or sun
- Towels and toiletries
- Sunscreen
- Refillable water bottles for each family member
Optional Items
- Mattress pad or air mattress to put on top of bed mattresses for additional back support and comfort
- Recreational items: Musical instruments, reading materials, board games, playing cards, white t-shirts for tie-dye or t-shirt painting, camera, and walkie-talkies (to keep track of kids in camp)
- Athletic equipment: Hiking boots, day packs, pickleball and tennis racquets, softball mitts, golf clubs, mountain bike & helmet, fishing pole, bait & tackle, swim goggles
- Your best ’70s outfits (or any silly/dress-up clothes) for Disco Bingo
- Costumes Encouraged!
- For your cabin: Alarm clock, mirror, ice chest (with a secure lid), secure plastic tub for snacks, folding chairs and table, clamp on lights, string & icicle lights to decorate, extension cords
- If your family includes a baby: Diapers, portacrib, play pen, stroller, “Gerry-pak” toys, a baby tub, or high chair (we have booster chairs in the dining hall)
- Miscellaneous vacation needs: Sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent, chapstick, bandaids, laundry soap, quarters, clothesline and clothespins, rain gear (just in case!)
- A bedrail (limited number at camp)
- Markers for identifying your “stuff” or marking schedules, etc.
- Backpacks for kids (makes carrying towels, etc. a lot easier)
Items Not to Bring
- Propane lanterns
- Space heaters
- Motor driven bikes and scooters
- Water balloons
- Water guns
- Pets
- We strongly suggest that you not bring valuables to camp. If you do, please plan to store them in a locked car trunk
- Bikes, skateboards, and non-motorized scooters are to be used on paved roads only
Also Available in Camp
- Free washing machines and dryers are available in camp (bring your own detergent).
- Limited bags of free ice near your camp store.
- Pay phones are located at each camp. We strongly suggest using a prepaid calling card. Cell phone reception is typically okay if you use Verizon, but other services get virtually no reception.
- Mail delivery and pick-up are scheduled daily.
- Complimentary coffee at the Vista Lodge.
- Our store carries a supply of snacks, sodas, and ice cream, and a wide variety of Lair and Cal shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, and hats, as well as selected art supplies (clay, tiles, bisqueware, and white t-shirts). Visa, AMEX and MasterCard are also accepted.
- Electric Vehicle Charging - Located at Camp Oski, we have two plugs to charge electric vehicles. They are 50amp, Nema 6 type plugs, which will charge a Tesla at the rate of about 30 miles of drive distance per 1 hour of charging. We strongly recommend that if you have an electric vehicle, you bring any adapters you have, as well as the charging cord. We also ask that you move your car promptly once it is fully charged.
Camp Store
Our store will carry a supply of snacks, sodas, and ice cream. We also offer a wide variety of Lair and Cal shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, hats and gift items, as well as selected art supplies (clay, tiles, and white t-shirts). Credit cards (MasterCard and Visa) are also accepted.
Rental Items Available at Camp
We also have items available to rent, which you can view below.
Downloadable packing list
Get ready for your stay with this printable packing list (PDF)!
Check out our rental items