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Cal Culture

Cal Culture

Graduation at the End of the World

By Amanda Chiu

Two young alums compare notes—and find connection—around the pandemic graduation experience.

Illustration by Neil G. Ballard
Cal Culture

Where to Hike, Run, or Walk in Berkeley

By Luciné Jamkochian

Whether you’re near campus or planning your next return visit, relive your college days adventuring around campus and enjoying the views Berkeley has to offer.

Image courtesy of Libby Toub
Cal Culture

6 Things to Do Before You Do the Run for California 5K

Golden Bears run together, even when apart. As the Cal Alumni Association's Run for California 5K comes around the annual track again, here are some pre-race steps all participants can take to experience the Cal community as they run.

Cal Culture

UC Berkeley Alumni Celebrate Juneteenth

On June 17, 2021, Juneteenth became the first federal holiday established since Martin Luther King Jr. Day in 1963. Here's how Berkeley honored the day.

Cal Culture

Advice for the Class of 2021: “Carry Berkeley With You”

After a long journey filled to the brim with unexpected twists and turns, the time has finally arrived for UC Berkeley’s Class of 2021 to graduate. Years of growth and transformation, beginning with the seemingly distant days of anxiously waiting for college acceptances, campus tours, and that fateful commitment to Cal, are now coming to an end under challenging circumstances that still feel unusual after all this time.

Cal Culture

Perspectives, Shared: On Anti-AAPI Hate and the Movement for Change

How do we understand collective experience when we spend so much time sequestered these days? Several UC Berkeley alumni and faculty have shared their expertise and perspectives on racism against AAPI communities. These stories live at the intersection of academics and identity, and we invite you to read and listen to their contributions to the global dialogue.

Alumni Chapters

For Nina Ichikawa ’00, Agriculture Is More than Farming—It’s Life

Carrying on a family legacy that persisted despite relocation during WWII, Ichikawa is democratizing the food system.

Cal Culture

Gift Ideas for the Ultimate Cal Fan

Just about every Cal grad and fan owns a Cal sweatshirt or hat. So, what do you give the ultimate Cal fan during the holidays? Don’t worry—the Cal Alumni Association (CAA) has you covered this season with our list of the best Cal gifts. Some are extra, some are out there, but isn’t that what the Berkeley spirit is all about? We think so.

Cal Culture

Blast from the Past: Cal’s Class of 2001

In honor of the Class of 2001’s twenty-year reunion, the Cal Alumni Association (CAA) took a look back at some of the major events that occurred during their time at UC Berkeley.

Cal Culture

Where to hike, run, or walk in Berkeley

By Luciné Jamkochian with illustration by Neil G. Ballard

Our list of recommended Berkeley trails will inspire you to go on that trek you’ve always been meaning to. Check these routes out if you're looking for walking, running, and hiking routes in the East Bay, or relive your college days meandering through campus and enjoying the views Berkeley has to offer.

Cal Culture

10 Cal Alumnae You Should Know

From saving marine life to challenging stereotypes through stand-up and ensuring children receive proper school lunches, Cal alumnae truly leave a lasting impact.

Cal Culture

How to Rock a Funky Story: Glynn Washington at the Lair

Lair of the Golden Bear campers recently buckled up to attend a virtual campfire talk with master storyteller Glynn Washington, titled “How To Rock a Funky Story.” Washington is the creator, executive producer, and host of Snap Judgement, a radio show and podcast that offers a raw, immersive, and musical take on storytelling. His unique, cinematic style of storytelling draws listeners and grips them until the end of every one of his shows. Washington’s connection to Berkeley runs deep; in addition to being a Lair camper, from 2007 to 2010, he was the director of Young Entrepreneurs at Haas—now known as Boost—a program at Berkeley’s Haas School of Business.