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Dianne Fukami ’77 / Courtesy of Dianne Fukami
Cal Culture

There’s No ‘Medium’ Switch for Journalist and Travel Lecturer Dianne Fukami ’77

By Amanda Chiu

Journalist Dianne Fukami ’77 credits UC Berkeley’s investment in her as a student for her continued loyalty to all things Cal, including the Cal Discoveries Travel program.

Travelers on Cal Discoveries Travel's Inside the London Theatre Scene 2022 tour / Cal Alumni Association

How to Get the Most Out of London’s Theater Scene

For centuries, London has entertained the world with its vibrant performing arts scene—follow these tips to immerse yourself in the London theater experience.


Tour Lecturer Interview Series

Cal Discoveries Travel plans and operates educational travel opportunities around the world. We partner with UC Berkeley-affiliated lecturers to enhance the strong educational component of the trips. We invite you to dive deeper with these interviews to learn more about the lecturers, how they prepare for the trips, and the role they play while on tour.


Tour Lecturers’ All-Time Favorite Travel Books

By Cal Discoveries Travel

Travel the world without leaving the page. Our esteemed Tour Lecturers share their favorite travel reading selections with you.


Cancelled Cal Discoveries Travel Reception

In response to the continued evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have cancelled the 2020 Travel Reception and program preview originally scheduled for Sunday, May 31, 2020. We have added our 2021 trips to our website and are working to get further details onto each tour page. Please continue to check back for the most […]

Cal Culture

Crossing Sproul Plaza

Since my time at Berkeley (1968–72), I have made it a point to return often, be it for a night at the Faculty Club, a concert, ballgame, or—best yet—simply a quiet seat on Sproul Plaza watching the changing of classes as the Campanile tosses out its tunes. A seat on the plaza is my own Brooklyn Ferry, free of charge and without the tossing tides. It’s so reaffirming to watch the legions of students pass by, just as I passed through Sather Gate in the late 60s and if my experiences at my alma mater are any indication, it is thrilling to imagine the difference that professors will make on those who pass through Sather Gate.