Bail Out Our Schools

UC Berkeley Professor of Public Policy and former secretary of labor Robert Reich blogs on the need for investing in human capital.

Any day now, the Obama administration will announce $4.35 billion in extra federal funds for under-performing public schools. That’s fine, but relative to the financial squeeze all the nation’s public schools now face it’s a cruel joke. 

The recession has ravaged state and local budgets, most of which aren’t allowed to run deficits. That’s meant major cuts in public schools and universities, and a giant future deficit in the education of our people….

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Yes it’s truly amazing to see how finance has been rescued while other field only grab some penny.
Our children are our future, therefore all of our schools across the nation are in need of upgrades and modifications for our children to be successful. Bailing out our public schools and creating better academic procedures seems to be one of the most important issues we now face.

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