Travel with the UC Davis Aggies and Martin Yan on a Journey Through China

Our friends at U.C. Davis are offering a wonderful trip traveling with Martin Yan of  “Yan Can Cook”. Read on for further details. ___________________________________________________

Many people dream about traveling around the world, about experiencing other cultures or being immersed in the experience of local customs and traditions. But what about doing all that and more with a world-renowned, celebrity Master Chef? This spring, UC Davis alumni have an opportunity to experience just that. Chinese Master Chef Martin Yan ’73, M.S. ’77, host of the wildly popular television show Yan Can Cook, will lead a 10-day tour of southern China, revealing the secrets and subtleties of regional cultures and cuisines. “Every meal is a banquet,” says Stephanie Jan, producer of Yan Can Cook. “Every day will be a special treat for all your senses.”

In Shenzhen, the modern metropolis of southern China and the first stop on the tour after arrival in Hong Kong, the tour group will be treated to a 10-course banquet featuring the bold flavors of Sichuan cuisine. Many of the dishes are prepared with techniques passed on from generation to generation. While you enjoy this sensational meal, there will be a performance of the ever-popular and famous Sichuan “mask-man”. From there, the tour gets more exciting. In the city of Guangzhou, Chef Yan will teach you how to match wines with dishes at a Dim Sum banquet, a one-of-a-kind culinary experience. Thanks to Chef Yan’s popularity and great contacts in China, our group will be able to experience many things behind-the-scenes that are not usually accessible to the public. While learning about traditional Cantonese cuisine in Panyu with local Master Chefs, we will have the opportunity to walk right into the kitchen of one of the largest restaurants in the world. It can serve more than 5000 people at a time. This special 10-day tour of amazing southern China is also exceptional due to its perfect timing. In Dongba Village in Lijiang, the sumptuous 20-course banquet will feature a majority of ingredients selected based on seasonal availability, particularly a variety of rare mushrooms. Many of the restaurants and locations we will visit have been featured on Chef Yan’s Yan Can Cook show or in one of his cookbooks. They have been selected specifically by Chef Yan to highlight the diversity and rich culinary history of this part of China. On this trip, Chef Yan will be your cultural and culinary host, bringing great food and the ancient Chinese heritage together to create an enjoyable, educational and delectable adventure.

For more information about the upcoming trip, visit the UC Davis Travel website. For reservations or questions, contact Aggie Adventures at (530) 752-4502 or


Great journey! I like China too.
Interesting! What is the closest meal we have in the US compared to actual Chinese Food?
Great article.

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