A Call to Action in Solidarity with Our AAPI Community

We stand and work together.

The recent rise in anti-Asian violence, including last week’s senseless shootings in Atlanta, Georgia, has caused severe harm to our communities. Yet we are painfully aware that these events are simply the most recent wounds that deep, systemic racism has inflicted on our nation. As leaders and members of UC Berkeley’s alumni community, we condemn the violent acts committed against Asians, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders in Georgia, in our Berkeley and Bay Area communities, and beyond. 

The Cal Alumni Association stands with the university in supporting our Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander community members; in denouncing all hateful acts of violence; and in active pursuit of a just and equitable world for all who inhabit it. 

In her message to the campus community, Chancellor Christ writes: “We speak out now to express our solidarity and support, even as we seek to build and sustain a campus community where everyone feels welcome, respected and safe.” I ask you today to join together, now and in all days to come, in working toward a vision that reflects the values of our Berkeley community: our passion for critical inquiry, discovery and innovation, and our deep commitment to contributing to a better world. 

Each of us has a role to play. Each of us can, and must, be the light that casts out darkness. Please join me in sharing this message throughout our networks.

Fiat Lux.

signature of Clothilde V Hewlett
Clothilde Hewlett ’76, J.D. ’79
Executive Director, Cal Alumni Association

Get Involved

UC Berkeley’s University Health Services has compiled a list of resources for advocacy and action at local and national levels. For those in our campus community who may be in need of support, additional information can be found through the University Health Services website


BEAR TERRITORY, I challenge each of us to lean in on conversations and step up your actions against xenophobic , Anti -Asian acts and rhetoric hashtag #WORLDWIDE!!!

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