How Cal alumni can support our current students at Berkeley during the coronavirus pandemic

How can we support current students at Berkeley during the coronavirus pandemic?

Many concerned alumni have asked what the university is doing to help our students as well as how alumni can get involved. The UC Berkeley Student Emergency Fund provides vital support to students at Berkeley following a community emergency or natural disaster. If you are able to give, the Student Emergency Fund provides a way to assist students who are now experiencing unusual hardship due to circumstances far beyond their control.

The Student Emergency Fund helps the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office, in collaboration with the Basic Needs Center, in providing direct support to undergraduate and graduate students. This support helps them cover student necessities such as lost wages, housing, food, relocation costs, and other essential items including technology, household goods, clothing, and books.

For our low-income, first-generation, and underrepresented students, this challenging situation is one of many great hardships that threaten their ability to gain a world-class education at Berkeley. Each year, the Cal Alumni Association (CAA) awards more than 800 bright undergraduate students through our Alumni Scholars Program. Awards range from annual financial aid to a combination of financial and personal support through scholars’ full undergraduate life cycles. During this time of crisis, the Alumni Scholars Program has provided scholars with travel grants to fly home and assisted them with funds to buy food and obtain laptops for school through the CAA Alumni Scholarship Fund. Gifts made to the Alumni Scholarship Fund help provide programming for scholars and assist those struggling to meet basic needs.

As alumni, you can participate in the scholarship selection process by volunteering to virtually review applications, or to participate in virtual interviews with prospective recipients. The gift of your time can go a long way toward establishing continuity for these deserving new additions to our Berkeley family.

Some good news

We are deeply grateful for the care and compassion exhibited by the Berkeley community, both on campus and far beyond. Here are a few highlights from the world of Berkeley:

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Are you or a fellow alum doing COVID-19 response work that we should recognize? Share an update with us.


Who is the CAA contact for new student yield services for welcoming and providing information to first generation families who are concerned about the Fall? How might we as a chapter work with Admissions to assist concerned first generation Spanish speaking families get information in light of Covid-19 concerns? Can CAA send the scholarship applications to our students in the Coachella Valley and offer a CAA Q. & A. session?
Can CAA with Admissions support a ZOOM welcome for our students asap and not wait for the Ambassador Training at end of April? We are receiving numerous contacts from newly admitted students who want to discuss their options in light of the Covid 19 restrictions.
Now, due to the pandemic, many challenges have appeared in different spheres of life, this also applies to education. But people found decision very fast. Online education has become in demand! With modern education digitalization, you can learn anything via internet, pass courses, take classes, etc. It is great!

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