Meet With Your Legislator

State legislators often will meet with their constituents in the district the legislator represents. These district office visits, which generally occur when the state legislature is on recess and elected officials are working from their district offices, are an effective way for people to communicate with legislators or their staff.

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Attend an Event Hosted By Your Legislator

Many legislators host “Town Hall” meetings, community forums, and other district-based events. Legislators’ websites usually allow you to view a calendar of upcoming events where you can personally meet your legislator and ask them to support UC.

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Contact Your State Legislator

The most effective and convenient way to contact your legislators at the optimal moment is to join the UC Advocacy Network. By becoming a UC Advocate, you’ll receive e-mail alerts about issues critical to higher education in California, and learn how you can stand up for our university.

If you would like to contact your legislator by phone or if you would like to write them a letter, determine which state Assembly member and state Senator represents you by using the link below.

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*This page will provide you with direct access to your legislators’ websites, where you should be able to view a calendar of upcoming events.

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