Alumni Chapters - Event Reporting Tool

Congratulations on hosting an event for the alumni in your community!

The events that alumni chapters host play an extremely important role in keeping alumni connected to your alumni chapter, CAA, and the University.  

The Alumni Chapters team asks that chapters complete this report for each event they host. The information provided in this form is very important for the Alumni Chapters team, it is one of the ways that we collect program metrics to show the depth and breadth of engagement that this program provides to the alumni community.  

If you have any questions or need assistance with completing this report, please contact us at

Please input the name of your alumni chapter.
Please input the date of the event.
Please input the location of the event - venue name with city, state is perfect.
Please indicate which Service(s) to Cal this event fulfilled.
Not required but encouraged - please do let us know a little about the event, successes, challenges, lessons learned.
Event Attendees / Itemized Receipts
Please enter the number of attendees at your event. Please enter "0" (zero) if there were no attendees. All fields are required.
Please upload your list of event attendees.
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Allowed file types: xls xlsx csv.
Please upload your itemized receipt(s) from your event if you are requesting grant reimbursement. If you have more than one receipt, please combine them into one file.
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Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png pdf.