Alumni Chapters Strategic Plan

The Cal Alumni Association’s Alumni Chapters program is a national grassroots program for alumni of UC Berkeley to connect with one another, engage with the Cal Alumni Association (CAA), and stay connected to the University through leadership and volunteer opportunities, student outreach, local events, social and professional networking, and philanthropy. 

CAA’s Alumni Chapters program has the unique ability to engage a wide breadth of alumni-geographically and demographically-while at the same time building a network that celebrates and supports CAA and the University.  

The 2013-2017 CAA Alumni Chapters Strategic Plan provides a platform for strategic and sustainable program growth by increasing alumni-to-alumni/alumni-to-University/alumni-to-CAA engagement and ensuring overall development of alumni as ambassadors of CAA and the University.

The CAA Alumni Chapters Strategic Plan will also support the eight Global Strategies set forth in the organization wide CAA Strategic Plan by focusing on the following five program-wide goals:

  1. Raise the Alumni Chapters program’s profile within the alumni and campus communities.
  2. Increase the number of alumni who participate in the Alumni Chapters program, overall.
  3. Expand communications between the Alumni Chapters membership base and CAA.
  4. Measure the success of the program and develop stakeholder accountability.
  5. Increase the number of Alumni Chapter members and Alumni Chapters that make philanthropic gifts to CAA and the University.