Start an Alumni Chapter

The Alumni Chapters Program offers alumni the opportunity to stay involved with and connect to the University, students, and fellow alumni. Alumni chapter volunteers are instrumental in bringing alumni closer together, while enriching their own lives and the lives of future Cal alumni.

There are many ways for alumni to connect with their alma mater through the Cal Alumni Association and alumni chapters. We hope by staying informed and involved, Cal alumni are inspired to support the University of California, Berkeley and ensure its continued excellence.

CAA’s Alumni Chapter Advisors are committed to partnering with you to create vibrant organizations. We look forward to your successes.

Chartered Alumni Chapters Program

The Chartered Alumni Chapters Program provides a grassroots mechanism for Cal alumni to form their own network in order to reach and engage their constituency. Alumni chapters fall under three major categories: geographic, special interest, and cultural/ethnic.

Through chartered alumni chapters, thousands of alumni are engaged with the University nationwide. Alumni chapter volunteers provide field leadership, organize events, raise money, help with CAA’s scholarship award process, welcome new students to Cal, and offer many other activities to support UC Berkeley. We invite you to be a part of our far-reaching network, an important component of CAA’s effort to reach all alumni.

For more information on the application process and the charter responsibilities, visit our online Chartered Alumni Chapter Application.