Past Webinars

The Berkeley Network webinar series provides alumni with career management tools, best practices, and trends in the workplace, as well as advice for maintaining personal wellness while working.

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Past Topics
imageNew Year, New Career: Career Transition Roadmap
Hosted by Anna Graham Hunter
image2016 Resume Standards: Do You Need An Update?
Hosted by Frank Song
imageWork-Life Integration: Lead a Healthy, Vibrant & Productive Life
Hosted by Lara Dalch
imageInfluence Intelligence: Persuasive Skills For Business & Life
Hosted by Sharí Alexander
imageEffective Communications & Personal Branding: Storytelling From
An Interview To A Start-Up Pitch Hosted by Roya Soleimani ’07
imageGive Back To Get Ahead: A New Strategy To Find Your Career
Hosted by Mark Horoszowski
imageTap into The Flexible Job Market: How To Find The Right Options For You
Hosted by Brie Weiler Reynolds
imageSearch Campaign Networking: Building & Leveraging Collective Intelligence
Hosted by Tim Johnston ’75
imageJob Search Case Studies: Interview Techniques To Win 3x More Offers
Hosted by Frank Song
imageCracking the GRE: GRE Hacks & Your Path To Grad School
Hosted by Dennis Yim
imageLinkedIn Fundamentals: Build Your Professional Brand
Hosted by Ethan Andrianos ’11
imageBuilding A Valuable Business
Hosted by Susan Strong ’77
imageLanding A Non-Tech Job in Tech: Recruiter Perspective
Hosted by Nicole Rogers ’04
imageDe-Bunking Networking
Hosted by Roya Soleimani ’07
The #1 Factor To Getting the Best Experience,
Skills, and Knowledge From Your Career
Hosted by Frank Song
Professional ROI: Communicating Your Value to Potential Employers
Hosted by Robin Reshwan
Goal Setting and Productivity For Career Advancement
Hosted by Robin Reshwan
imageThe Elevator Pitch: Landing Contracts, Clients, Jobs or Funding
Hosted by Shannon Houde, Walk of Life Leader
How To Get Back Into The Workforce
Hosted by Brie Weiler Reynolds, FlexJobs
imageLinkedIn: Growing Your Influence and Impact
Hosted by Shannon Houde, Walk of Life Leader
Visioning Workshop for Mid-Career Clarity: What’s Next?
Hosted by Joy Lin, Quarter Life Joy
imageYour Personal Brand In The Age of Social Media
Hosted by Shannon Houde, Walk of Life Leader

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Topics Key

image Job Search Strategy image Career Advancement
image Industry Specific image Wellness
image Academia

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