Meet the 2017 KASP Scholars

Jazmyn Bryant ’21
Los Angeles, CA
Art Practice

Jazmyn Bryant is from South LA. Art is her passion, and she cannot go a day without at least drawing or doodling. Her favorite medium is painting, and she is self taught. Jazmyn loves to read and write. She comes from a really small school in the inner city and is excited to enter this new freedom at UC Berkeley.

Maria Davila Cadena ’21
San Diego, CA
Political Science

Hailing from Mexico City and Chula Vista, California, Maria Davila Cadena hopes to continue to be an avid dancer, cellist, and leader in her future endeavors at Cal.

Pedro Adrian De Anda Plascencia ’21
South Gate, CA
Political Science

Pedro Adrian De Anda Plascencia is a first-generation college student and the second in his family to attend college. He was born in Tepatitlan, Jalisco, Mexico, and migrated to the United States when he was three years old. Pedro’s goal at Cal is to major in Political Science and English.

Sabra Diamond ’19
Yuma, AZ
Cultural Anthropology

Sabra Diamond is a cultural anthropology major from Yuma, AZ. From the remote desert, her imagination blossomed into insatiable wanderlust. With just a backpack and some dreams, she caught a bus to Los Angeles and has now traveled the world. She spends her free time writing music and singing loudly.

Joseph Chukwunonso Chike Egbunikeokye ’21
Buena Park, CA

Joseph Egbunikeokye is an incoming freshmen at Cal who is eager to learn more about the culture at Cal and get further involved in the Berkeley community and the CAA Alumni Scholar family!

Jesus Roberto Felix Trejo ’21
Richmond, CA
Nutritional Science

Jesus Roberto Felix was born in Nogales, Mexico but grew up in Richmond, California. At Cal, he hopes to major in Nutritional Sciences and eventually go to medical school to pursue Emergency Medicine.

Marielle Fuentes Urias ’21
Hesperia, CA
Molecular Cell Biology

Marielle Fuentes Urias is going to be a Molecular Cell Biology major who hopes to become a Pediatric Surgeon. She immigrated from Mexico at the age of two and is determined to prove that she can be more than a nuisance in this country.

Jenny Elena Gordiano ’21
Sacramento, CA
Political Science

Jenny Elena Gordiano is a first-generation college student who was raised by a single mother. Coming from a low-income family, she has developed a passion to strive for success and higher education in order to give back to her community and family.

Gia Jones ’21
Sacramento, CA
Nutritional Science

Gia Jones will be studying Nutritional Science to become a Registered Dietitian to give back to her community by educating on health, wellness, and naturopathic healing medicine.

Nishan Jones ’19
Richmond, CA

Nishan Jones is a transfer student from Chabot College. She is an intended Economics major who also loves thrift shopping. While at Cal, she hopes to further understand the inequities within our local school systems and work to combat the resulting disenfranchisement of minorities.

Felicia Jordan ’21
San Diego, CA

Felicia Jordan is a Japanese native who lives in San Diego. When she first arrived in the United States, she did not know any English. Fortunately, she was able to learn thanks to a lot of reading and writing. She plans to major in English and become an English teacher.

Sennai Kaffl ’19
Union City, CA
Computer Science

Sennai Kaffl is a junior transfer pursuing an undergraduate degree in computer science and a minor in public policy. He is passionate about social justice, equity, and inclusion. His family is originally from Eritrea, a small country in East Africa. During his free time he enjoys reading, traveling, and hiking.

Adina Marie Lewis ’21
Auberry, CA
Molecular Cell Biology

Adina is a Native student from The Cold Springs Rancheria Tribe. She is also a Molecular Cell Biology major who loves dancing, baking, outdoors, and water polo! Adina would describe herself as a friendly person who likes building community with fellow scholars.

Matthew Mercier ’21
Redondo Beach, CA

Matthew Mercier grew up in Redondo Beach, California and is a proud RUHS Sea Hawk. Having won CIF in baseball, being President of Model UN, starting his own business, and trying to have as much as possible, he comes to Berkeley with a lot of excitement for the future.

Rachel Anastasia Miller-Youst ’19
Windsor, CA

Rachel Anastasia Miller-Youst is a Santa Rosa Junior College transfer student. She is a Linguistics major. Her specific areas of interest are language acquisition and international relations, with experience in Spanish, German, and ASL. At Berkeley she hopes to add Japanese to the list.

Naomi Montenegro-Alarcon ’21
Oakland, CA

Naomi Montenegro was born and raised in Oakland, CA. As a first-generation student, she is walking into Cal with dreams and aspirations that she is going to accomplish with the support of her community!

Kylie Morphis ’21
Exeter, CA
Molecular and Cell Biology

Kylie Morphis is a small town girl whose path led her to Molecular Cell Biology at UC Berkeley. As the first generation of the Morphis family to attend college, she is eager to be apart of a campus which thrives off of community and shared knowledge.

Siedah Morrish ’19
Oakland, CA

Siedah Morrish is a Bay Area native with a passion for writing and a love for giving back to her community. At UC Berkeley she plans to study Sociology and conduct research within the undergraduate research apprentice program and intern abroad within the coming year.

Prince Obah ’19
Torrance, CA
Business Administration

Prince is incredibly grateful for this award, and has more assurance now of affording his education. Throughout his life, he constantly doubted his abilities, intelligence and self worth. Now he is planning on using this opportunity to study Business Administration and grow as an individual and support system to his family.

Julian Ochoa ’21
Sacramento, CA
Genetics and Plant Biology

Julian Ochoa is currently an incoming freshman majoring in Genetics and Plant Biology. He enjoys doing volunteer service and spending time with his family and pets. He is extremely outgoing and loves talking to people, so don’t be afraid to say hi to him!

Fox Del Stowe ’21
Anderson, CA
Molecular Environmental Biology

Fox Del Stowe is a Native American, bisexual male, first-generation college student. He volunteered at a local hospital, was a camp counselor at a camp for abused children, plays French horn, and enjoys singing both inside and outside choir. His intended major is Molecular Environmental Biology.

Jaime Tellez ’21
Berkeley, CA

Jaime was born in Mexico. Coming to the US at such a young age makes him feel American, but also allows him to appreciate the freedoms that come with it. Where he grew up, he didn’t know if he was really in charge of his own decisions or if he had equal opportunities. When the opportunity to come to Berkeley presented itself, he had to make a tough choice because he knew he would be on his own. It will be tough, but he wants everyone to have these opportunities. It is what he wants to do with his life.

DeJean Thomas ’19
Union City, CA

Dejean Thomas has always felt behind the curve. This is why he is extremely excited about this opportunity. Dejean strongly believes that this program will support him in growing and reflecting on his journey.

Angelina Zevallos ’21
Berkeley, CA
Business Administration

Angelina Zevallos is a first-generation, Peruvian-American college student. As a Berkeley resident, she is committed to pioneering her own hunger alleviation program called Youth Voice Activate, which strives to alleviate food insecurity in the San Francisco Bay Area.