Start Anew

College may be ending, but a new chapter of your life is just beginning. Whether it is finding a full-time job or moving to a different city, new beginnings bring incredible opportunities.

Join your local Alumni Chapter. We have more than 90 chapters across the nation that host athletic event viewing parties, career and social events, and volunteer opportunities. They can serve as a bridge to help you get to know your new city. Find a local Alumni Chapter »

Clean up your social networking profiles and get a professional-sounding e-mail address. Your future employer may not find your record-breaking keg stand as impressive as your friends did.

Utilize Cal’s Career Center on campus and online to help find the right job for you. They have an array of services and counseling options accessible up to five years after graduation. Visit the Career Center

Invest in a good suit. Looking sharp will prove indispensable on many occasions.

Bring your credit report and resume with you to an apartment viewing. Having these documents on hand will give you the advantage and make the landlord’s decision to accept you much easier.

Have business cards printed with your name and contact information. Always be prepared to network.

Give back to Cal! Interested in staying connected with the university after graduation? Please sign our Volunteer Interest Form, as we would love to keep you connected with Berkeley. If you are interested in interviewing newly admitted students for potential scholarship opportunities after you graduate, please feel free to sign the form!