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Stephanie Tomasco
Director, Business Development
1 Alumni House, Berkeley, CA 94720


California magazine is a UC Berkeley-led forum for innovations in science, culture, and public policy. It reflects the rich complexity of America’s most populous state, celebrates its genuine achievements, and fearlessly explores its difficult choices. Founded in 1907, California was re-launched in 2009 with a new design, new departments and a new editorial mission. As one of the most influential voices of UC Berkeley, the magazine binds together the social network of alumni, faculty, and friends of the university.


California magazine is the publication of the Cal Alumni Association, a quarterly showcase for ideas from the leading edge, featuring engrossing stories from UC Berkeley and beyond. Articles range in topic from the latest developments in nanotechnology to the future of college sports. Every issue highlights practical information based on the latest research findings from the University, while also serving up articles on food, the arts, and life on campus.

California showcases award-winning photographers and writing. Articles from the magazine have been reprinted in Utne Reader and Best American Science and Nature Writing, and California has received CASE, FOLIO and MAGGIE awards for both its writing and design.

Advertising Calendar

Issue Space Reservation Deadline Materials Date Distribution Date
Mar. / Apr. / May 2021
1/28/21 2/5/21 3/15/21
Jun. / Jul. / Aug. 2021
4/14/21 4/23/21 6/4/21
Sept. / Oct. / Nov. 2021
7/16/21 7/23/21 9/2/21
Dec. 2021 / Jan. / Feb. 2022
10/15/21 10/22/21 12/3/21

Audience Demographics

California magazine’s audience is highly educated and affluent. Most readers are UC Berkeley alumni, including prominent business, cultural, and academic leaders. Our readers influence public opinion and create change. When surveyed, 63% of our readers responded that they would consider purchasing a product and/or service advertised in California magazine.


Median Age








College Graduate
Post-Graduate Study



Reader Loyalty

Read 3 of last 4 issues
Read 4 of last 4 issues
Average amount of time spent with each issue


57 minutes

Source: 2020 Internal Data


Geographic Region Distribution
California 69,400
Other States and Abroad 25,500
Total Circulation 94,900
Geographic Region in CA Distribution
Northern California 54,500
San Francisco Bay Area 45,700
Southern California 15,000
Northern California / Bay Area Counties Subscribers
Alameda 15,649
Contra Costa 8,781
Marin 2,661
Santa Clara 5,886
San Francisco 5,871
San Mateo 4,103
Other No. Cal counties 11,470
Total 54,421
Southern California Counties Subscribers
Los Angeles 7,369
Orange 2,634
San Diego 2,372
Other So. Cal counties 2,605
Total 14,980
Complimentary Distribution
UC Berkeley Faculty and Staff 4,562
California Magazine Complimentary Recipient List
(includes UC Berkeley donors, legislators, members of the California Business Roundtable, UC Berkeley schools, and the UC Office of the President)
Source: Cal Alumni Association, December 2020


Advertising Dimensions and Specifications

  • Please submit a high-resolution PDF (PDF/X1-a) with embedded fonts. If registration or trim marks are used, offsets should equal 12 pt. or .1667" to ensure trim marks are not in the bleed area.
  • If a high-resolution PDF cannot be sent, please supply linked files and related fonts. (Adobe Postscript only. TrueType and Multiple Master fonts are not recommended.)
  • PDF files must be print-optimized, CMYK with fonts embedded.
  • Photos and graphics should be 300 dpi, CMYK or grayscale, .eps or .tif.
  • Convert all spot colors to process. Pricing is based on visual colors, not ink on press.
  • Provide a high-quality digital proof that meets SWOP specifications. Color match attempts are not guaranteed when a substandard proof is provided. Files can be supplied on CD or DVD.
  • Distinguish your file with advertiser’s name.
  • Copy and logos on bleed ads must be within the live area, no less than 1/4" from the trim.

Advertising Rates

Color Open 2x 4x
Full Page $6,000 $5,500 $5,400
Two-Thirds Page $5,000 $4,500 $4,250
One-Half Page $4,250 $3,825 $3,625
One-Third Page $3,000 $2,700 $2,550
One-Sixth Page $2,150 $2,000 $1,835
Spread $10,500 $9,450 $8,925
Covers 2 & 3 $7,000 $6,300 $5,950
Cover 4 $8,000 $7,200 $6,800