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Celebrating Cal Alumni & Affiliate Filmmakers at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival

Cal 2015 Sundancers

John Cho ’96: Actor, Zipper
Chris Pine ’02: Actor, Z for Zachariah | Watch interview »
Topaz Adizes ’99: Director, {The And} Marcela & Rock | Watch interview »
Aaron Butler ’98: Editor, I am Michael
Ingrid Kopp ’99: Juror (World Cinema Documentary)
Janna Levin (former campus employee): Juror (P. Sloan Feature Film Prize)
Eric Lin ’99: Cinematographer, I Smile Back
Joni Sighvatsson ’81: Producer, Z for Zachariah
Susan Werbe ’68: Executive Producer, Being Evel
Quinn Nagle ’14: Actor, Diary of a Teenage Girl | Watch interview »
Bernie Samson ’11: Music Supervisor, Oh Lucy!
Razmig Hovaghimian ’99: Executive Producer, Oh Lucy! | Watch interview »
Dawn Logsdon ’85: Editor, Royal Road | Watch interview »
Sam Green ’93: Documentary Filmmaker, The Doc Art Mix Tape
Prof. Christina Maslach: Character based on her work, The Stanford Prison Experiment
Prof. Stanley Nelson: Director, The Black Panthers
Kevin Schneider ’84: Editor, In Football We Trust
Ki Hong Lee ’12: Actor, The Stanford Prison Experiment
George Rush ’96: Producer, NEXT
Kristen Yi ’01: VP Controller, Indian Paintbrush Productions LLC, Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl

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Registry of Cal-Connected Films and Projects

Are you a Cal alum, student, current or emeritus faculty or staff member who proudly worked on a film or project that has been selected for Sundance or Slamdance 2015? Do you know other Cal-affiliates who have worked on such projects, even if they aren’t attending the festival? Help CAA and the Cal community recognize these individuals and celebrate their Sundance or Slamdance 2015 achievements. Please share the relevant information by Registering here.