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For Gabby Cole ’05, Self-Care Is Following Your Dreams

June 28, 2021

Quick facts about Gabby Cole ’05

Degree: BA, American Studies

Currently: Founder and CEO, M.A.Z.E.

What was your Cal experience like?

College was an eye-opening experience for me. Growing up in a conservative, sheltered environment, I longed for exposure to the real world, as a lot of bright-eyed, bushy-tailed youngsters do. I knew then—and I am even more sure of it now—that the path to the real me was through Cal. It was challenging, but no one grows in their comfort zone. Cal made me the person I am today—a person who is confident and on the right path.

What is rewarding about your work?

I am continuing on the path of discovery that I began at Cal, as I find myself in the middle of a career transition. After 15 years in a successful career in sales, I find I am no longer motivated by metrics or arbitrary sales goals. That has let me toward a new adventure—back to where my passion lies. This passion paired with my skill set has led me to start my own business. I am the founder and CEO of M.A.Z.E., which aims to give mothers back their sense of self and purpose. So many moms have become comfortable in a state of constant chaos, after being conditioned to think that this is just the way life with kids is. As a mother of twin girls, I hope to inspire other moms to find community and stop believing that a face mask qualifies as self-care. I get to be myself and feel fulfilled knowing that my work is helping women pursue their passion. It just feels right!
Cole’s daughters point to a poster of their mom in the Haas Pavilion weight room | Courtesy of Gabby Cole

Is there a connection between your time at Cal and your life now?

As a student athlete, I had to balance athletics and academics, which helped me develop persistence. I majored in American studies with an emphasis on pop culture, because I have always been fascinated by the study of people, their different perspectives, and how those perspectives are shaped by external and internal factors. My Berkeley education perfectly complimented my empathetic nature, and the interest in people I cultivated has turned out to be an important driver in my career path. Everything I took away from my time at Cal has impacted how I approach life.

What else should we know about you?

I was recently selected by Clubhouse, an up-and-coming social network platform, to share my mission of supporting moms. It means so much to see my ideas come to fruition, and this is just the beginning!
Learn more about Gabby Cole and M.A.Z.E. at

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