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five African American Initiative Scholars

African American Initiative Scholarship

In Partnership with the San Francisco Foundation

Funded by the San Francisco Foundation and administered by the Cal Alumni Association, the African American Initiative (AAI) Scholarship provides African American students with financial support to help make their Cal education more accessible.

This scholarship is for UC Berkeley students who demonstrate leadership potential and a genuine willingness to contribute positively to the Black community at Cal. These students have been admitted to UC Berkeley as incoming first-year students.

The AAI Scholarship supports the campus-wide African American Initiative. The African American Initiative is led by the Division of Equity and Inclusion at UC Berkeley as a comprehensive effort to address the underrepresentation of African American students, faculty, and staff at Cal.

Program Requirements

African American Initiative Scholarship recipients are expected to join the AAI Scholarship Program through the African American Student Development Office.

Program Requirements
Program Requirements
  • Attend the Black Student Orientation, August 2024.
  • Attend the AAI Scholarship Recipient Reception.
  • Live on the Afro floor. Deadline to apply for housing is May 2 for incoming first-year students. We encourage you to apply to live on the African American Theme Program when you apply for housing since this will be a requirement once your scholarship is accepted.
  • Meet with the African American Initiative Academic Counselor at least once per semester.
  • Attend the AAI Student Retreat.

Award Details

Award Details
Award Recipient

Incoming first-year students

Scholarship Amount

Flexible award amounts up to $8,000


8–10 semesters (Students are not required to re-apply for each subsequent year, but must remain in good academic standing.)


All awards will be disbursed through the UC Berkeley’s Financial Aid and Scholarships Office

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Requirements
Student Status

Incoming UC Berkeley first years for Fall 2024

  • Identify as Black/African American/African
  • California Dream Act and AB540 students are eligible to receive the award

Application Process

Application Process
Online Application Period

March 1 – March 31

Finalist Welcome Event

April 20

Recipient Notification

Late April

Deadline to Accept

May 15

Apply for the African American American Initiative Scholarship

Applications are open March 1 - March 31 2024


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