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Become a Scholarships Chair

As a Scholarships Chair, you’ll network with fellow alumni and flex your leadership skills while greeting and serving future UC Berkeley students.

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Scholarships Chairs oversee the interview process for local scholarship finalists for The Leadership Award and The Achievement Award Program (TAAP) . As a Scholarships Chair, you will have the opportunity to network with fellow alumni, refine your leadership skills, work closely with the Alumni Scholarships Department, and meet the next class of UC Berkeley students.

Apply by emailing Please list the geographic location you are interested in chairing.

Open positions:

  • Virtual – California-Based (TAAP)
  • Virtual – California-Based (The Leadership Award)
  • Virtual – East Coast Time Zone (The Leadership Award)
  • Virtual – Central Time Zone (The Leadership Award)
  • Virtual – Mountain Time Zone (The Leadership Award)
  • Virtual – Europe (The Leadership Award)
  • Santa Cruz County (The Leadership Award)
  • West Los Angeles (The Leadership Award)
  • South Los Angeles – Long Beach Area (The Leadership Award)
  • Sacramento (The Leadership Award)
  • Sacramento (TAAP)
  • San Diego (TAAP)
  • Northern California (The Leadership Award)
  • Northern California (TAAP)
  • Pacific Northwest, Washington or Oregon (The Leadership Award)
  • Chicago, IL (The Leadership award)
  • Atlanta, Georgia (The Leadership Award)
  • Washington D.C. (The Leadership Award)
  • New York City, NY New York
  • International – Europe
  • International – Indonesia


  • Recruit and train alumni volunteers to serve on interview panels.
  • Reserve an appropriate venue for interviews.
  • Create a welcoming environment for both students and alumni.
  • Schedule interviews with student finalists.
  • Organize interview data and transmit to Alumni Scholarships Department.
  • Collaborate with the Alumni Scholarships Department to ensure a smooth selections process for all finalists.

Eligibility Requirements

A Scholarships Chair must:

  • Be a Cal alumna or alumnus in good standing with the Alumni Scholarships Department.
  • Work/Reside in their district.
  • Commit to serving a minimum of one term, running from April 2020 through July 2020 (for The Leadership Award), or April 2020 through June 2020 (for The Achievement Award Program).
  • Comply with all CAA and Alumni Scholarships policies and procedures.

The Leadership Award Scholarships Chairs

Established in 1934, The Leadership Award is one of the most prestigious merit-based scholarships in the UC system. The Leadership Award is a one-year, $2000 scholarship that recognizes 650 undergraduates who demonstrate impressive leadership abilities. Scholarships Chairs must be available to work approximately 1-2 hours per week from March through June and approximately 10-20 hours in July. Time commitment varies greatly depending on the district/region and the amount of finalists we have for those areas and all chairs serve one term, subject to renewal annually. Typically scholarship chairs are asked to recruit a team of alumni volunteers from their area to participate in finalist interviews. Chairs will train their team with the assistance of CAA, and interview between 5 and 15 students depending on their availability, the number of student applicants from their region, and the number of volunteers the chair has recruited and trained.

International Scholarships Chairs

International Scholarships Chairs oversee the interview process for incoming freshmen. Scholarships Chairs must be available to work up to 2 hours per week from April through May, approximately 10-20 hours in June/July, and be experienced with Zoom, Google Hangouts, or other video platforms.
Job description and openings »

Scholarships Chairs for The Achievement Award Program

Established in 1999, The Achievement Award Program (TAAP) provides high-achieving, low-income California students with the resources they need to attend Cal. Scholars receive financial assistance, academic counseling, and supportive programming throughout their undergraduate years at Cal—four years for incoming freshmen and two years for incoming junior transfers.

Scholarships Chairs oversee the interview process for incoming freshmen for TAAP. Scholarships Chairs must be available to work approximately 1-2 hours per week March and April, and approximately 10-20 hours June. Time commitment varies greatly depending on the district and the amount of finalists in the area from year to year. Scholarships Chairs serve a one year term, subject to renewal each year.
Job description and openings »


Contact Alumni Scholarships at 510.900.8230 or

Meet the Alumni Scholarships team »

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Why I Volunteer with CAA

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    “I like to maintain relationships with campus faculty, administrations, and students. Also, I’ve seen how beneficial it is to have alumni participate in events. Having alumni involved when I was a student helped shape a lot of my views, led me to make certain decisions, take job offers, and created a sense of community for me.”

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    “When you see a diamond in the rough and you know they have ‘the goods,’ sometimes all it takes is saying, ‘You can do this.’ Hearing ‘I can do it’ from students, and them believing it, is what I enjoy most about volunteering.”

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    “My favorite volunteer highlight was an exchange between an incoming student from Kenya and an African American alum who worked in the country post-graduation. It was a perfect example of Cal’s global reach and the amazing connections between past and future Berkeleyans.”

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